Card of the Day – Wednesday – Oct 9, 2013

Destruction Sowilo2

HI everyone, I’m back from a “reading vacation” caused by our local provider deciding to “improve” our “Internet Experience” so far it seems to have simply resulted in us having on and off outages for nearly a week and typing to be painfully slow when trying to post, but today things do seem a bit better so I decided to try to do the blog.

And boy do the energies look like they need checking up on!  This post may be short but it will be to the point:

The card today is Destruction  – something is in danger or is being destroyed, taken-apart, eliminated etc.

The Sowilo – Sun Rune – suggests that this could be a very strong force (Sowilo can mean strength) a powerful storm (it can also me lightning) something to do with the Sun itself (a solar storm, a drought, etc) or nuclear power (little Sun).

This does not mean today is a day of totally destructive disaster, but it does mean the energy is there for that sort of thing.  The gas line explosion in the US this morning that looked like a nuclear bomb attack could be one manifestation of this energy that has already occurred.

So would the “destruction” of an old theory about nuclear energy or solar orbits – but I do have to say there is powerful energy there today for something big to happen and people should keep their eyes open.

Even in symbolic terms, the possible “strong-destruction” meme is not something that should be ignored; as a symbol this could be about anything from the world economy, a natural disaster or a war someplace that suddenly “goes hot.”

There may also be new information coming out about the ongoing destruction from the situation in Japan, or even the “Destruction” of some forms of solar energy (or in a better light, destruction of an older system that is replaced by a new and better one).

For individuals, today is great day to deal with “creative destruction” like taking apart a rotten book shelf, pulling up weeds, busting dust bunnies from under the bed and working to rid yourself of patterns, objects or other situations in your life that need to be “destroyed” and “replaced.”

OK net seems to be sticking again so I’ll stop for now but his is your head’s up – since this is our first reading in days – I think it likely this energy will color the latter part of the week to some degree.

I hope to get the cards done for the audio show tomorrow and even if the net is too wobbly for a long-post, I’ll try to do a quick update.

Take care and be aware of your surroundings for next 24 to 72 hours…

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