Card of the Day – Wednesday – Oct 2, 2013

Father Fehu2

To listen to this week’s Cat’s Eye Show Audio Reading you can click on the show below:

Greetings readers, it is good to be back after about five days of Internet Chaos brought to you by our old home router system shutting down for good and the new one having a few bumps along the way being installed.

But today for the first time in nearly a week, my computer just came on as it should complete with net access so hopefully this blog can now get back to what passes for normal around here.

So, today’s card is The Father and the rune-stave if Fehu (Cattle/Wealth/Gold/Old Money).

We’ve seen The Father card a lot lately, when the energy is good, this is the card of the wise and loving father who teaches his son all the things he will need to know to be a man.  He teaches his child to point his arrows and aim correctly in order to hunt food for the family and defend the tribe.

When the energy is bad, instead of wise and loving The Father becomes a controlling force that attempts to compel his children to obey him no matter what the cost to themselves.  Instead of the arts of hunting or defense, he may train his children to be offensive in warfare and hurtful to others, but most of all his goals are about control and authority of the sort that demands rather than guides.

Now the good father can also command and control when the situation warrants it; when a child is too tiny to understand danger or even when an older child faces a danger beyond his depth the good father steps in and puts himself between the child and danger, even if it means taking total control of a situation for a while.

But the good father also knows when to step back and allow the child to make his own choices, decisions and attempts at practice; even if sometimes the arrows go wild and the game escapes.  That is the only way a child can learn, the good father may make mistakes, we all do; but his over-all intention is a child who grows into an independent adult.

The Bad Father wants perpetual control of the child even into adulthood either by directly tell him what to do or indirectly by teaching him as a child to do whatever the father wishes him to do as an adult.

Now the Fehu energy has also showed up quite often lately, regular readers will recognize this as the rune of Wealth (cattle), Old Money, Currencies, Economics, Sexuality.  It is also a rune that often portends fights over gold, money and sex…

Given this week that the “Father” (or Uncle in the case of the US Uncle Sam) has been “shut down” by fights over the allocation of money that the “Fathers” simply could not resolve; I think this reading suggests this energy is likely to dominate a lot of the news this week.

I also expect that along with it there will be a very heavy dose of attempted or actual manipulation by “The Fathers” (aka those in charge of either sex, but in positions of authority) to manipulate and control the flow of Money, Wealth, Precious Metals and even Markets this week (by markets I mean all sorts of macro-economics but especially stock markets the public watches and maybe things like commodities trading etc).

Whatever their actual plan is, the Fathers are determined to try to insure that their Wealth/Money/Accounts/Currencies etc are protected from the fall out that is likely to occur both from the US shut down and other issues that may be going on.

Those other issues probably include further “decisions” being made in the back ground this week concerning Peace and War in various parts of the world.  I would be surprised if actual full-scale international conflict broke out this week, but my audio show reading for the week suggested that this may be a major decision week though probably behind the scenes.

The US deadlock and shut down of Federal Agencies (or parts of them) does not only affect the US alone as it broadcasts to other countries that the US is not really in control of its own affairs much less likely to be able to butt into those of other countries at the moment.

While that may not be strictly true (I suspect the Department of Defense continues to be well-funded) the perception of the US as a weakened nation, unable to get its congress to even agree to a continued funding resolution to keep the doors open, is what many folks world-wide are perceiving.

This could be a very dangerous time for “The Fathers” (or The Bankers and their friends) and their wealth, which we know from experience they wish to retain at pretty much all costs.

The rest of this week is time likely for strange stock market moves (up or down), weird stories about arcane banking and currency moves, allegations of price or currency fixing (including money exchanges, banks, loans, bonds, precious metals etc); gold will especially be something to watch as Fehu tends to be directly associated with it, the same being true of cattle/farm produce.

Also look for attempts in some nations (not necessarily the US) to attempt price controls, tariffs, rationing, border restrictions, currency controls on moving money of their borders, even confiscation of metals or other wealth.

These next few days (probably continuing into the weekend) are a time when I think The Fathers will feel very much under threat and may be willing to do just about anything to maintain control; in some nations that may include military actions, take overs or attempted take overs of the government (or just the banks), nationalization of industries, mines, natural resources etc.

Again, I don’t expect to see as much of this in the US, at least not yet (though anything is possible) but world-wide the energies for these trends to get tighter as more attempts to control a building situation that threatens to spiral out-of-control become more obvious and in many cases, heavy-handed.

Now, individuals can use this same energy in a good way; simply become your own Good Father and manage your wealth (in all forms) well and do your best to plan and direct your children in a helpful and loving way.

Lots of people may have money issues this week, but many people will also get chances to direct and control their spending so that things don’t swing wildly out of hand.

Remember, there is more to the Germanic concept of Wealth than just money; in addition to cattle and gold, the family was also considered some of the greatest wealth a person or extended family could have.

So yet another week to pay attention to the outer-world big events (especially finance and regulations) but to mostly focus on the smaller world of yourself, your family, your friends and your own wealth.

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