Card of the Day – Wendesday – Sept 25, 2013

Death Manaaz2

Today’s card is Death (Final Endings/Transformation) and the rune-stave is Manaaz (human partnerships).

Now this combination is pretty direct but it can mean several things:

A Partnership with Death


A Partnership with Change


A Partnership with Transformation

or even

A Partnership to End Something (final ending)

Now the Partnership with Death image was the first one that struck me and I suspect this may have something to do with human contracts/treaties/alliances/agreements etc that may have to do with the ongoing build up to international war and/or it could be something like a Partnership of Silence over the ongoing aftermath of the nuclear issues is Japan.

There are other ways this energy could play out, A Partnership with Death can bring up a whole host of images, from Germs (infectious diseases) that partner with their host to corporations that manufacture deadly objects like weapons or pesticides.

It would not surprise me to see more articles on GMO foods or Bee die offs today, as well as news coming out in the aftermath of the Earthquake in Pakistan about rising Death Tolls etc.

But the main thing to remember is that with Manaaz, the Partnership is nearly always human or human influenced – it is also often an equal partnership (but not always) so if the Death card is actually about the final ending or Death of People/Places/Things, there probably is at least a partly human cause.

Now the same is true about Human Partnerships for Change and Transformation – this can be a highly positive energy if directed in a loving and positive manner.

Anyone hearing echoes of the slogan “hope and change” here is correct, along with a good dose of the reply of “hopey-changey thing” as a counter to it.  I have strong feelings this is partly about the US President vs. Congress on both the over-all budget and the “this is not a filibuster” classic filibuster going on in the Senate.

What is mildly comical about all this is the attempt to change even what a filibuster is, to transform it into something else.  For my non-US readers, a classic filibuster is when one senator (or a group of them) take the floor and talk for as long as possible in order to stall passage of a bill.  Famous ones have included senators reading the New York Phone book or the comics; last night’s I gather featured the reading of a children’s book and if that isn’t a classic Filibuster (a grand old US political tradition used by both parties for decades) I don’t know what is.

But in an effort to “transform” things (or perhaps to appear to not be “blocking/ending” things) the Republican spokesperson insisted it is “not a filibuster,” now it doesn’t matter from an energy view-point if you agree with the reasons for the filibuster or not; what the energy seems to be playing with here is this attempt to not only make a “final ending” of something (aka the health-care law that is supposed to go into effect next year) but to “transform” the procedure of the filibuster into something else.

Exactly what, no one is sure, but is isn’t really what your eyes are seeing, it has now someone been “transformed and changed” because the “old way” is now gone (dead/transformed) just because our “human partnership” (aka the Whatever party) says so.

So we have layers and layers of this death/final ending/transformation partnership energy playing out on just this one topic alone.  I haven’t even mentioned the controversy over “death panels” etc; but energy wise and symbolically that is there too and needs to be mentioned and brought to mind.

Finally, of course there are the partnerships on different “sides” those who want to transform (kill off) the Old Health care system and replace it with a new one and those who want to transform (kill off) the New one and re-transform the old one into something else yet again.

I’m not taking a side here on this blog, that is not why I’m talking about this, just showing how the energy is playing out here.

Including the real “Death Shadow” in the background of all this, the break-down of the Partnerships between congress, the president and the people set to occur if a National Budget is not passed by Monday of next week.

Now obviously, this “Death of the Deadline” or “Death of the Budget” won’t result in a permanent destruction of the US or anything but it will result in a temporary “Death” of government or “shutdown” (yes I know it is partial, I know things will plod along but this is symbolic again).

So we have a lot of human partnerships dancing around with various types of death and change just in the US at the moment; I think today will be dominated by this story and a number of similar “dances with death” partnerships all over the planet that will play out in various was.

Watch the Middle East, watch Eurasia, Watch Japan and even the EU, for signs of these contracts/alliances/treaties between individuals/corporations/countries and power blocks; especially anything that “promises” to “end” a situation or to drastically “transform it.”

This could be a 24 to 48 hour period of big situational shifts, the only thing we can be sure of it that they will likely be partnered with someone or something.

Finally, while Manaaz usually means human partnerships, it can be about other forces for example: Earth and Sea, Sun and Moon, Air and Water, etc, etc…so there may be some science, weather or geological/cosmological partnerships affected by this energy too.

For individuals a day when one project is likely to end but often by mutual agreement; a good day to severe ties that are no longer working or finish off tasks that needs sorting, especially those that you might need to work with others on to accomplish.

Remember, the Death card in this death also holds hints of rebirth and renewal in the old-fashioned Celtic burial mound seen on the card; so while one phase or task may be ending, another new one is sure to come and take its place.  Thus Death becomes transformation into a new pattern that replaces the old one; that’s just part of the cycle, sometimes a painful one but a part that is necessary for change to take place.

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