Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 23, 2013

Prison Daguz2

Today’s card is the Prison and the Daguz (Sun at sunrise) rune could easily be read as:

Trapped at Dawn….

However, things usually are a bit more complicated than that, though keeping that in mind as a slogan for this week of the sun, that being an overwhelming energy that kept showing up in my audio reading that will air tonight; is a very good idea.

So in addition to the Sun energy replacing the Beast as our main over-all energy; the energies for Monday (and influencing the rest of the week as well) come out as the Sunrise being in Prison.

So what exactly is the Sunrise or Sun at Dawn; well like all runes it has more than one meaning but in general it tends to represent the slow start of a new cycle, a gradually unfolding of revelation; in that it is similar to the Moon Card except that once the mist of early morning clears, the light shining on the situation is brighter.

Also, the Moon Card reveals things but does not always show a new cycle being born where as the Daguz rune often does – that New Dawn aspect to things.

Current Event Readings too make things a bit more complicated because you can look for real-world echoes in the names or symbols of the runes and cards.  In this case the most obvious are Japan “The Land of the Rising Sun” which is currently trapped in its own nuclear nightmare (the Daguz rune like all solar runes having hints of nuclear and electrical power associated with it).

The other obvious connection would be groups like the New Dawn party in Greece which may in some way being involved in Prisons, or entrapment (either itself getting entrapped, or causing the people to become trapped etc).

But this could also be about solar power being “Jailed,” or perhaps a stalemate in the attempted nuclear talks in the Middle East with Syria or more likely Iran.

The Prison card also suggests that something or someone is in prison, jailed, controlled, held-back etc; and that can include both positive and negative forces.  Some things you want kept in prison for all time, but you also want positive energies to be able to come forward.

This combination suggests strongly that a needed new cycle or movement forward is being held “in prison” and preventing from moving.  That new cycle, movement or situation; may very well involve the sun or solar energy.

This reading may even be reflecting the lack of sun spots or something that is trapped by the actual sun itself, although in that case a more obvious rune would Sowilo rather than the sun rise.

Over all I’m getting a strong sense of something that wants to move being trapped an unable to move forward, I am not sure exactly what that is but look for stories about things, people, situations, ideas that seem stuck; especially issues like negotiations, repairs or new solutions to something.

On a personal level, this suggests a week when all sorts of good ideas and understanding starts to Dawn on people, but it will be very difficult to break out of old patterns and pull the off.

There’s going to be a lot of people feeling trapped and held back by various forces and situations in their lives.

There will also be a push-pull between the prison/trapped energies and the energies of the New Dawn or new beginning that is trying to cycle into a new situation.

Over-all, the forces of the Sun (strength, light, harsh inspection, warmth, drought, nuclear and electric anything etc) are going to be up front and center; this reading suggests whatever the issues around the sun are (including possibly the Sun itself) they may be a bit slow in getting seriously started today.

In that sense, this may not be a bad thing except that anything that is trapped tends to break out in a big way upon release, so tomorrow’s energies should be interesting.

I suspect instead of the slow light of dawn, that after a few hours or days we are likely to get a full rush of “The Sun,” in whatever form that energy decides to take.

Meanwhile, just realize that today is a day when a lot of things are just not going to happen in the time frame you were hoping for, especially new plans and projects; better to wait than to push if you can, as the energy is likely to change for the better pretty soon.

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