Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Sept 20-22, 2013

Prison Fortune Libido Daguz2

This weekend’s cards and rune are an interesting mix and I think refer to at least two different Current Events situation, which may or may not be affecting each other.

The three cards are: Prison, Fortune, The Libido and the rune-stave is Daguz (the sun at dawn).

The Prison Card suggests that something/situation or person is trapped, in jail, stuck or otherwise unable to get out.  This is a largely negative card, the only time it is a good card is when something negative is what is in prison, for example this week seeing a Beast Card with the Prison card would have been a good thing.  Of course that did not occur and what we had instead was Beastly energies running about all over the place, thankfully that is likely to change as we head into next week, but more on that later.

Anyway, so we have the prisoner sitting behind bars and he is right next to the card for Fortune.  While this card can be about spiritual fortunes or even the someone’s fate (as in reading a “fortune”) most of the time in a current events reading it signifies: money, wealth, power, gold, precious metals, corporations and especially old money or the more traditional definition of: HAVING A FORTUNE.

These first two cards I think go together and form issue one of two primary situations the cards are flagging.  They suggest this weekend will be a time period when money/fortunes/economics/banks/corporations/National Budgets will be “trapped” or held prisoner (or hostage as it were) to the greater “whims of fortune” of a totally different kind.

Hostages to Fate, is a line I keep hearing in my head when I see these cards; though I suspect more often than not the originators of that “fate” may be other human beings.  Human beings in places of power, governments, elite banks, other corporations, the markets, etc. that collective find themselves trapped in a mess of their own making.

I think in some places, like the US Congress, this energy is likely to play out very directly and in public when talks to forestall a shutdown of US Federal Spending and Agencies from a funding short fall break down into farce and a tragic comedy of errors.

While this televised theater production of stubborn mules facing off with belligerent elephants may be somewhat entertaining in the short-term, I predict the public will quickly tire of it and later become very angry if these elected official create their own prison (or prisons of funds) that results in an actual “government shutdown” (which really means thousands of employees go home, their managers sit at empty desks and the bills continue to mount up anyway).

These congressperson(s) are likely to find themselves trapped in their own miss-fortunes, and this energy is unlikely to stop simply at the halls of the US legislative body either.  I also think there will be echoes of this energy in the halls of democratic governments (and even some non-democratic ones) throughout the planet.

I also don’t think this “trapped-Fortunes” or “Imprisoned/stuck Fortunes” is limited to politics but is also going to play out strongly in the fields of currencies, banking and corporations.

The idea of “tight money” is also coming into my head, I’m not even sure totally what that means, but I think the public is about to find out.

Now the last card and the rune provide both the second issue I think will become increasingly important this weekend and also other energies that may affected the Imprisoned-Fortunes energy as well.

The Card is Libido, this is a complex card that governs a number of areas: sexuality, life-force, joy-in-living, distraction, ritual combat, temptation and inability to see danger.

It is already possible to see how this card may play into to the prison-fortune energy pretty quickly.  Especially in the areas of distraction, battles of display (my assets are bigger than yours) human caused “snakes in the grass” (you can see them on the card, the fighting pea cocks don’t see the danger because they are too busy display fighting).  Not to mention the attempts to distract the public with ever-increasing displays of public sexuality, colorful images, games and even controversy (lets watch them fight!)

Less obvious at first, is how this card plays into the energy of the rune-stave Daguz; for that you need to remember that the Libido card is about sex but also about fertility and the Creation of Life; including plants, animals and human beings.

The Daguz rune, like all sun runes has some aspects of nuclear as well as solar energies about it; after all nuclear power is a sort of “little sun,” right at the heart of a reactor.

The “dawn” or “sunrise” aspects of Daguz often show a “dawning awareness” of something, or an issue that slowly becomes clearer, even while slightly obscured by morning mists.

It also suggests the coming of a New Day or a change to a new cycle in a given situation.

And finally, the runes and cards are often symbolic on more than one level; I must mention that Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun and they just had another (medium-sized) earthquake right near the area of their badly damaged nuclear plant.

While this energy could also manifest in a lot of other positive ways: new discoveries announced in solar power or a new use for radiation in medicine; even perhaps a new breakthrough in the science of stem cells or genetics; my strongest pull here is towards the situation in Japan.

I do think it will also be affecting other areas, especially in that sense of things starting to “dawn” on the public about the trapped fortunes, attempts at distraction from the real issues and the threats the powers that be are attempting to keep the general public from viewing.

It is entirely possible that too of the major “snakes” are the freezing up of fortunes/money combined with the after effects from the Japanese disaster slowly creeping into the genetic DNA “chains” (imprisoned there) as well as the food “chain” the ocean etc.

Look for news stories and discussions of all these topics this weekend, as well as a lot of distracting type of “news” to get folks off of the serious subjects at hand.

Finally, because I have to be out tomorrow, I’ve already done a lot of work towards this next week’s audio reading and it is pretty much a week brought to you by the energies of The Sun.  The reading starts out with the main Sun Card and ends with the main solar Rune Sowilo.

So to have the Sun at Dawn (Sunrise) starting off this coming energy time period where the Beast settles down and the Sun comes into major focus (as both Father Sun and Mother Sun – the Western Occult Traditions and the Germanic Folk Mythos) powerfully kicks off this current progression.

We can also hope, that while some things will be trapped and repressed this weekend; the Beast Energy (rampantly, thoughtless, stampeding emotions) may have already started to slow down and go back to eating grass instead of trying to run over a cliff.

Being trapped or stuck is the total opposite of the raging Beast and the Sun can also reveal that which is hidden, though often through a blazing bright light, rather than more quietly the way the Moon does.

Such revelations can be shocking and disruptive, so better to have them start this weekend with the gentle slow light of an unfolding dawn, before they get to the stark glare of mid-day; when that which is trapped, may find itself with few places left to hide.

I think next week is going to be very interesting; for this weekend, be careful with your money but otherwise a good week for creativity and regeneration.  Take time to rest, create and work on new projects.

Keep you eyes on news that really matters, and don’t be distracted by all the “pretty colors” likely to be thrown at you.

Stay tuned and watch this space, see everyone on Monday unless my Internet goes down again like it did yesterday!



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