Card of the Day – Wednesday – Sept 18, 2013

Sage nautiz2

Today’s Card is The Sage and the rune-stave is Nautiz (need/desperation) and together they present a pretty clear message that on this side of the water might be called “stating the bleeding obvious.”

That would be: There is a great need for Wisdom and/or Wise People in the world right now.

However, even more than just that start and obvious message; the Sage card does provide  a small glimmer of hope that someone(s) may be able to help the world cope with The Beast this week by being aware that energy is around and by seeking to divert, calm or destroy it.

Any and all of those tactics might be in order in different locations depending on how the energy is manifesting.

On the other hand, such “Wisdom/Sage Advice” may be limited in numbers because the Need fire rune – the rune of the most ancient way of making fire (rubbing two sticks together) really demonstrates a truly desperate need for such interventions – and Sages tend to be long on logic and short of diversionary skills.  With the Beast logic and rational argument gets you know where; because this is a time when emotions are ruling the day in many ways.

Of course individuals can choose to use their OWN wisdom, rational thinking and planning to make their own “needful” choices and I think this combination is really good for the average person for that reason.

Realizing that people are more likely to react emotionally first and then think later; puts “wise folks” in the position of knowing that someone “needs” to keep their head and that can be you.

What simply won’t work is expecting everyone around you to do the same, because they probably won’t.

Look for news stories today about Wise Men (or women), think tanks, desperate situations (like Mexico, the US South West, Japan etc), charities, science discoveries, innovations (especially those that meet a need), anything nuclear (two sticks rubbed together to make fire/atoms crash to make power or bombs) and a lot of attempts in some places to try to figure out just exactly what is going on.

This need for Wisdom suggests that it is just possible that some of it will come forth today and that is a very good thing.  But the Need Fire rune worries me as well, especially because of its nuclear associations but also because this could be about economic or legal matters as well as natural/man-made disaster responses.

It is also possible that today marks a another pivot point mid-week where the energies could change to something a bit more rational and we can hope this is the case.

But over-all I just get the sense of a “desperate need for wisdom” …lets hope some manifests before the day is over.