Card of the Day – Tuesday – Sept 17, 2013

Money Othala2

Sadly, yesterday’s combination of The Moon Card (unconscious mind/hidden secrets), Kenaz (the torch/erupting boil/sideways volcano) rune; strongly influenced by a weekly energy of the Beast Card (raging, angry, unleashed emotions) did come to pass in a very public way, just a few hours after I posted the reading.

While other things were also happening yesterday, like the raging storm, coming out of the sea in Japan bringing not only terrible flooding but hitting on the nuclear aspects of Kenaz and making the whole ongoing accident there even worse by a release of radioactive water; the most obvious demonstration of yesterday’s energies was in the United States.

Here a gunman now known to have had a high security clearance (may have worked on intelligence while in the military not sure yet) but very much secrets revealed; undergoing treatment for mental issues (the unconscious aspects of the Moon card again) during under a waxing (almost but not quite full) moon; erupted by (Kenaz) with Firing (Kenaz/the Torch again) as a Raging Beast (Beast Card) killing until he was taken down (Beast Card Again, Beast don’t respond to logic you can’t reason with them you can only calm them, divert them, run away or take them out).

Since we know from my audio reading that The Beast is the Primary Energy for this week, combined with the Blog’s flagging of The Moon Card’s hidden secrets and unconscious motives it is suggested that the storms in Japan and the DC shooter may not be the last of these Beastly manifestations this week.

Today’s card suggests further details of what issues or areas may be the next to either erupt or reveal their secrets; today the Card is Money (so we are back to our previous theme of “follow the money” among other things) and the rune stave is Othala (inherited lands, the HOMELAND).

Somehow Money/wealth/currencies/economic issues etc; affecting various homelands (both personal homes but also the macro level of cities/states/countries/blocs of nations) are like to be front and center for the next 24 to 48 hours.

I can not help but feel they are likely to be affected by the continuing Beast/Moon/Kenaz combination: if secrets are revealed or money issues affect your home land today; look for them to express themselves in an emotional, probably angry and unstoppable fashion.

In some places this could mean that whatever has been holding something back economically suddenly bursts out and starts to rampage.  On Wall Street the image of a Bull could suggest either a surge or a Bear in rage with a down turn but if this energy indeed affects these places (it may or may not, they are probably being manipulated heavily) a rapid change one way or the other would be likely.

However, while manipulating computers doing digital trading may be relatively easy for those who know how; manipulating economies and currencies over the long-term is eventually doomed to get out of control.

I’m not saying today is the day that things will spiral out of control but I will say there is energy for it and that makes it more likely, especially in certain places and situations that are already on the brink like Argentina, Greece or Cyprus.

Other aspects of this energy could be calls for more “Money” for “Homeland” security; issues regarding money and spending in general (for both countries and people); the US congress going back into full session over spending bills and similar situations in Europe; housing news, construction, farming, food and even military defense (especially spending).

So over all a day when individuals are well advised to make plans and decisions about family spending, budgeting etc; probably a good day to buy property if you are lucky enough to be able to, also a good day to be a seller as long as the deal is honest and above-board.

Possibly a good day to ask for a raise or get your banking sorted; over all a pretty good day for most people money wise (and there maybe some good news on the macro front).

Just remember that during a week marked by the Beast and the Moon, that money can also bring up the deepest of family arguments and that people are unlikely to be ration about them.  Better to wait to sort them out until things are a bit calmer if you can; meanwhile make plans as best you may and see what energies tomorrow brings with it.

All an all, another day to “follow the money” this time possible to things that directly affect your nation and your very own personal front door.