Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 16, 2013

Moon Kenaz2

Today’s Card that starts off this week is The Moon and the rune-stave is Kenaz.

Now this suggests a time period where that which has been hidden is likely to start coming to the surface and be revealed.  Some of the information may be that of dreams (good ones and nightmares both) and some is likely to be explosive.

That’s because while the Moon Card is the Unconscious Mind, Dreams, The hidden World, etc; the Kenaz rune is usually translated as torch (as in fire) or a boil (that is getting ready to burst).  I often think of this as the “sideways’ volcano” rune because of its eruptive and fire aspects.

Like the sun based runes, it can also have hints of all things atomic and/or conventional explosives.  It is interesting that on this side of the Water (UK/Ireland) a flashlight is also called a “Torch” so in modern terms electricity can be included in this definition as well.

But most of all, I think the theme for this week is likely to be the gradual unfolding of hidden information that sets off a spark that may later result in an explosion or at least strong reaction when it finally all bursts out into the open.

In my audio reading (available after this evening) I noted the main card for this time people there was “The Beast” I’m mentioning this because when you combine the unknown/unconscious being revealed by the torch rune with the totally emotional (non logical) reactions of The Beast you have a real potential melt down possible on your hands.

That doesn’t mean the hidden revelations HAVE to result in the eruption of all the negative emotions the Beast tends to bring with it (anger, rage, jealousy, hate, fear etc) but it very much could if the eruptive energies meets with the Beast energies at just the wrong moment.

What we can hope for is that the more positive aspects of the Moon Card – positive dreams (as in hopes, desires, plans) etc that come forward as well and perhaps divert the Beast into safer areas.  The thing about Beast Energy is that it does not respond to logic or common sense; you have to either divert it, calm it or get out of its way but you can’t reason with it.

The Moon is also a very emotionally based card, the difference is because it comes from the human mind, you can reason with it a little bit and you can choose personally how to respond to it.  I mean no sand adult runs purely on emotional desires or wishes, even unconscious ones; we learn to sublimate and control our desires until the time is right – you don’t eat a donut in the swimming pool, you wait until you’ve finished your swim, take a shower, get dressed and then drop by the donut shop on the way home.

All the water in the Moon Card is like that, with the dreams and plans welling up gradually and being brought forth at their proper time (when things are positive).  The Kenaz rune suggests that some things may be highlighted a little faster than usual and that when people really understand what they mean the potential for an explosion is there (either real or emotional).

With the Beast at the helm for the next seven days or so, that emotional reaction is more likely than if say the Sage Card were still in a place of influence like it was during the week that the Russians started the ball rolling that restrained international military involvement in Syria.

But where wisdom and wise heads can force a pause or even change in the course of a crises, The Beast is just more likely to cause people to react without thinking.

I am hoping this is not the case, and for individuals it will be possible to modify this to a degree by simply realizing this is a week when it will be easy to have your unconscious and conscious “chains jerked” and to fly off the handle very easily.  Knowing that you can take steps towards personal calm by using meditation, music, directed thinking, personal mantras etc for yourself and being at least understanding if those around you start reacting emotionally rather than logically.

As I mention in the audio reading for radio show, remember than when the Beast is out (and even more when he is running with The Moon) you can’t reason you can only divert, calm or get away (and/or hide).

It is most important to remember in dealing with personal relationships this week that this is a time for listening when people are reacting emotionally,  but not a time for actually trying to present logical solutions because you are unlikely to be heard (in fact you might end up just another target for the rage). Just listen because a great many people are going to feel a need to vent this week but most of them will not really be ready to hear actual, concrete suggestions to solve situations during this time period.

When you ramp that up to the international level, you’ve just got to hope that someone has some patience to do the listening rather than just reacting back.  Otherwise things could get rather ugly pretty fast.

So another dicey week, but with some good elements at least in both the Moon Card and the light-giving qualities of the Kenaz rune.  Remember the torch not only lights up problems, it also can make a dark cave a whole lot less scary or be used to light a warm hearth fire in the fire-place.

Another week that is both “passive energy” (the Moon) and active energies (The Beast/Kenaz) – so hang on to your hats and keep a some nice donuts and popcorn around in case the show really starts.

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