Card of the Day – Wednesday – Sept 11, 2013

Money Ansuz2

So, yesterday we had The Union Card (Unions/Alliances/relationships) and the Ansuz Rune (communications/Odin) and today we have Money and the Ansuz Rune (Communications/Odin) again.

This suggests that there is a huge amount of energy out there that is rather Odinic:  a bit dark, very crafty, wise like a snake and rather good at manipulation situations and mass communications.

This energy yesterday was mostly went about expressing itself in terms of Unifying (and dis-unifying) blocks of Power, People/Tribes/Nations and re-arranging them a bit.

The “Message” from Russia (Former Soviet Union) to the US (United States) was pretty stark and clear: “We will take your bait and accept Syria’s offer to hand over the weapons, what are you going to do about this?”…

It has been suggested that the US President was forced to revise his “message” (aka THE BIG speech) in response to the Russian and Syrian changes.  As predicted earlier in the week in this block, it looks like for the moment the “Sages” (Older and hopefully wiser leaders) have managed to stall off direct conflict in the region (at least with major international players).

However, this may or may not last, especially not now that MONEY has entered the picture along with communication.

What this combination of card and rune today say to me is: “someone is reminding someone else where just who controls the ‘Money.'”

And as we all know the Entity or Person who controls the purse strings ultimately is the one that calls most of the “shots” (or perhaps bombs in this case).

In reality, what we don’t know from this reading is who that person/entity/power bloc/ individual/group is; but whomever they are, they are busy getting their MESSAGE across behind the scenes of that you can be totally certain.

If they want a way, they are likely to push for and very likely get a war of some sort; if they prefer peace (for now anyway) as being “better for the bottom line” they will push that instead.

But right now, I think they are busy with some very Odinic types of messages (the sort brought to you by ravens containing offers that are difficult to refuse) probably resulting in some serious alarm bells in offices and HQ’s throughout the political, corporate and even military worlds today.

If every a reading screamed “follow the money” it is this one, but even I’m not sure where it leads, but watch events for the next 24 to 48 hours and see if there’s any sort of design in the madness and we may all get a clue.

Meanwhile, for individuals the “Message” for today is: Money – that is money and wealth in all forms both positive and negative.

Today is a day about money, currencies, trading, stocks, commodities (including you garden produce), family budgets, bills coming due (or being paid), taxes, etc.

Today is also another day when communication is going to be very important, especially in terms of finances, you want to be clear and precise when talking things over with family members.

This could be a good day to ask for a raise but only if you are very crafty (wise) in how you do it, and be aware that with money being the foremost on everyone’s mind, this is day when such a request could go either way – you might deserve a raise but what you may experience is a lay off.

Part of today’s issues I think are also simply about the date itself and the fact that people always get concerned about it.  As the year pass by, I’ve noticed this over-shadowing is letting up a bit, but as long as there are humans who remember September 11th as a very tragic and emotional day; the over-shadowing is likely to continue.

Not to mention providing a real target date for some actual nasty types of people who might want to use that energy towards their own ends.

But in general today should be mostly a day where communications: including radio, TV, Internet, phones, social media, person-to-person contact and all the way up to high level diplomacy and information sharing of all kinds is going to be at the forefront of the news.

And a lot of that news is likely to be about cold, hard cash in it various forms from gold to coffee beans…

So, hang onto your wallet and keep you eye on the “communications” outlets of the day and be ready for breaking news if it happens and breathe a sigh of relief if nothing obvious does.

But whatever happens…you can “follow the money” on this one…

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