Card of the Day – Tuesday – Sept 10, 2013

Union Ansuz2

Today’s card is Union (Lovers, Alliances, Labor Unions, Power Blocs, Countries with Union in the their current or former name etc) and the rune is Ansuz (Mouth, Communications, the God Odin).

On a personal level, which I’ll do first this time, this a perfect day for communicating how you feel to a current or potential partner.  Today is a day when communication can be clear, provided you are careful to say exactly what you really mean (in love of course) and you are very likely to get the results you want.

A great day for a marriage proposal, love letter, asking for a raise or change at work, folks who work in “labor” types of jobs (unions), communications (including radio, TV, writers, etc) although be careful about getting into serious arguments because any day when the energy is influenced by “Odin” can be a bit unusual or tricky – expect a bit of the unexpected.

Now, for current events, the same things hold true but once again we see the continuation from Yesterday’s Sage Card where the positive version is where the “Grey Heads” (Leaders, decision makers, elders etc) choose to use wisdom and study to take a pause and perhaps changes world events.

So far, that looks like exactly what is happening (and we hope it continues and does not morph into the darker side of this same energy where the “grey-headed” take the world into one more historical cycle of war and despair.

But so far, we do have at least a temporary pause, while one “Grey Head” (Putin and his friends) seem to be trying to form a “Union” of groups and nations that are pushing towards restricting of the weapons as an alternative to an attack.

My sense is that Putin (who probably has Viking “Rus” ancestors himself) is certainly taking this route for his own personal (and probably rather Odinic/crafty) reasons, but that as it may the temporary result may be a slowing of what appeared to be an unending march to war.

How this goes forward probably depends a lot on the communications aspects of the Ansuz runes – Unions, Alliances, Treaties, Decisions and Power blocs are all being shuffled about and re-shuffled at the moment and the behind the scenes communications the public does not see may be where all the major decisions are currently being made.

There is also the “national address” that the US President is supposed to present tonight on US TV to give his “message” as well as Congress and the attempts of others to put forth various “messages” not all of them “unified” in any way.

Look for attempts by the US Administration to “unify” those public voices – I have my doubts it will work but except news stories about media outlets being put under pressure to “control” their stories on the topic; for congress members to come under pressure in regards to “what” they say and look for the continued messages that are coming from the US public speaking their mind about this military build up to be nearly “unanimous” in opposition.

Also, look for international attempts for countries (especially the European Union) to also come to some sort of unified response among their members which at this point is all over the map.  Again, it may not work but I suspect it will be attempted, along with a lot of “back door” communications between Russia, the UK and Syria.

All “Unions” in the next 24 hours may come under stress, especially the Union of the United States (which is becoming more un-unified the longer this military build up goes one) the European Union (which is also under strain from economic, social and internal pressures), the Former “Soviet Union” (riding high at the moment on Putin’s dramatic game changer of a plan but who must now deal with the details of pulling it off) and I feel a pull towards watching the United Kingdom for some reason.  Not sure exactly why, but the tug is there so I’m mentioning it.

Finally, communications of all sorts are going to be the key player today – that includes military as well as civilian communications.  On the plus side they could help bring everything to a compromised “retreat” from action; or if they become garbled or confused they could light off a spark that “unifies” various blocs for “action.”

We can only wait and see what happens in the next 24 to 48 hours and hope the communications channels remain clear and hopeful.


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