Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Sept 6-8, 2013

Puzzle Inquirer Libido Gebo2

This weekend’s three cards were all stuck together which seems to be the theme of this week, I didn’t even realize I had three cards until I went to lay them out.

They are a bit less obvious that most of this previous week’s readings which have sort of been a chorus of all doom all the time.

There is a lot that is positive in this reading, especially for individuals but before I get to that I’m going to try to sort out what this reading may be suggesting for Current Events.  This isn’t likely to be easy and there is a larger margin for error here than earlier in the week, but I’m going to give it a try anyway.

We have the Puzzle Card, this is a decision that MUST be made; it can not be avoided, and one door or the other must be selected.  A person can spend a certain amount of time hanging outside the doors, but they can’t avoid ultimately picking one because the thorns and bushes totally block the way; a choice must be made before anything can go forward.

Then we have the Inquirer which is a private reading is the person asking the question and in this case is us and/or the world in general – those who “want to know,” or perhaps those that the situation effects.

Then we have the Libido Card, now on the surface this is a card about sex, but it is also about life force, color, joy in living; as well as combative display, distraction and unseen dangers.

The Libido card is very complex and is often read in context, here we have it in context with a powerful decision that individuals (or a group of individuals must make).

The Libido Card features two peacocks doing symbolic displays and perhaps about to engage in ritual combat for the benefit of a female not show on the card.  They are so busy engaging with each other, they don’t notice the threat of the snake in the grass that could easily kill either of them or the pea hen if it decides to strike – or it may just slither off toward the water fall in the background and like one of my husband’s pets, just sun itself on a hot rock.

I think the decision/puzzle is somehow being affected by combative distractions and displays of bravado, especially given the previous readings this week.  This card can also be about human fertility and creativity which may be held in the balance by the coming decision – which as it has all week, seems to have both hints of the obvious Middle Eastern War rattling but also the situation in Japan as well.

Finally, we have the Gebo or gift rune – this rune is still used in some northern languages as part of the word for Wedding and suggests both gifts that people give to one another and marriage or sexual relations.  In that way it connects directly to the Libido card, suggesting something very powerful, united and explosive could be in the offing.

My two really major concerns with this combination are the dangers of distraction (including the snake) and the explosive nature that Gebo sometimes has when two powerful forces come together.

In its best (and more common aspects) this results in everything from artistic fervor to the creation of new human beings.  But sexuality is a powerful force and a tremendous gifts, but it is a gift with both tremendous potential for good or for harm; the image of a lit match keeps coming to mind here.

So, I think this reading is suggesting that in terms of Current Events, this weekend may very well be the time when certain choices and decisions are made; ones that could have very explosive or potential powerful consequences for the world.

Both display and distraction are likely to be “on-stage” in a big way this weekend, so watch what left hands are doing when the right hand it out in front.

Also, this is a time period when the exchange of “gifts” or “marriages” both literal (as in famous weddings or prizes) and symbolic (alliances, treaties, international exchanges, currencies, commodities) etc become very important.

Look for the “power blocks” to start to really “marry up” this weekend in terms of who is going to side with whom and doing what – both in terms of the Middle East Crises but also in terms of spill over into things and decisions closer to home.

This is a time when individuals are going to face choices and decisions too – but instead of finding the Libido Card full of distractions and danger,  they can concentrate on the creative and generative aspects of the card.

Use this time to make personal decisions that enhance life, bring color to your world and encourage partnerships between people and loved ones and you have the makings for a personally great weekend.

A good time for birthdays, weddings, charity work, artists, writers, painters and all of these realms there may be decisions, choices and the selecting of which path to walk; but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Sometimes the road less traveled is the best way forward, now if the Powers that Be would just choose that road away from what seems to be a determined path towards war and instead pursue the gifts of creativity and peace; everyone might be facing a much more pleasant weekend.

As it is, the only path most of us can personally control is our own…choose wisely and I wish everyone a great, lively, colorful and wonderful outcome!