Card of the Day – Thursday – Sept 5, 2013

Liar Manaaz2

Wow, today’s combination just seems to continue the current trends this time with the energies focusing on The Liar Card (deceptions, lies, distractions) and the human partnership rune – Manaaz.

I should also like to point out that today’s “card of the day” over at the official psy card site is  that powerful card from yesterday’s reading The Beast.  And while that Psy Card site is going more for cards that affect individuals this also tells me that, the Beast energy is still in the air today as well.

So we have a powerful, rampaging Beast that runs totally on emotions, most of them angry, hungry, vengeful, jealous and probably hurting as well that was Threatening Peace; combined today with the Liar and the force of human partnerships or treaties.

This is one scary combination given the world situation at the moment, the rune poem is “Man is the Joy of Man” but the flip side of that is that sometimes Man can be his own sorrow as well and this is what I see with this combination of lying, false agreements, alliances and false friendships.

There is another thing about the Liar Card, he is also distraction; notice how he performs his dance in front of a close curtain that he does not want the viewer to look at?  He even holds up a small stick doll to try to obscure the top of the curtain in a classic diversionary move, of the sort used by stage magicians for thousands of years.

I am getting a very strong sense of “the magicians of distraction” (aka the Modern Media in its many forms) in cahoots with the Powers that Be to provide “lies” and “false distractions” that will keep people’s eyes away from “the Man/men behind the curtain” until what ever it is they wish to accomplish with this “partnership” is achieved or at least set in motion.

This is a dangerous and deceptive time for the world in general and The West in particular – there are also hints of the situation Japan that I’m picking up as well as the more obvious marching steps to a Middle Eastern War, one with larger powers forming even more blocks or alliances (Manaaz rune again).

I suspect that both are sort of distracting in their own ways one from another but that both are being powerfully affected by these energies of deceptive and lying agreements/partnerships.

For individuals this is a day when you need to be very, very careful when working with others and make very sure that any contracts or agreements you enter into are understood, upfront and above-board.

This is a very bad day to buy a used card (as are most days the Liar Card shows up) but today what you really have to watch for are all sorts of human contracts and relationships.

If your about to start a relationship, tonight would probably not be the best for a first date, even tomorrow may have slightly better personal energies than today.

Be careful of promised pay raises, promotions, jobs, etc today – get it in writing and read all the words on the contact carefully before having a celebration dinner at home.

In fact I’m sensing while the home card is not here in this reading, this is a really good day and evening just to focus on you, yours and the people you most trust.

Pay attention to the outside world because events that could affect you are moving quickly and seemingly in an almost unstoppable way – but don’t give the Liar and the Beast a chance in your home.  Instead work on those positive aspects of Manaaz, the strong partnerships of love and trust that you already have.

Wait a day or two before reaching out towards new ones…remember the energies WILL change, the always do…