Card of the Day – Wednesday – Sept 4, 2013

PeaceBeast Uruz2

OK, yesterday’s cards were both stuck together (Death and the Voyage) and today we also have two cards stuck together in the same way.

I was VERY careful to make sure the first card went down on the reading surface first followed by the second one.

Needless to say if you are viewing these cards you can see why for just a moment I was delighted and then got very somber when I got to the second card – the Uruz (Ancient Cattle/Strength) rune just intensifies the situation.

To be blunt in terms of a current events reading it looks like Peace is seriously (and strongly threatened) by the raging emotions, power, anger and rage of The Beast.

The Beast card in a personal reading is all about those deep inner emotions, fears, feelings etc; that everyone has inside but after about the age of three we learn to keep under wraps most of the time.  Oh sure, the Beast is always there and it is very dangerous not to admit that, but most adults have come to an arrangement with their own “inner beast” that keeps them behind the door that you see faintly on the card.

For most people the Beast (which can also be jealousy and envy) only comes to the surface under the stress of specific situations: a nasty surprise, an outside threat, a fight with a loved one, problems at work etc, being dumped by a lover etc., etc..Even then there are positive and negative ways to express The Beast, when someone you love passes away it is normal to be angry but while punching a bag a the gym is an acceptable outlet for this anger, blowing up at your boss and screaming is not.

The Beast is shown on the card as a raging dragon, glowing red and with a huge open mouth reading to strike.  He isn’t actually breathing fire, but you get the sense he actually could at any moment, he’s come out from behind the door and he must be dealt with, he can’t be avoided and he’s not going to go away.

When you combine this with the Peace Card, a lovely Cathedral with light shining through the stained glass and settling in scattered colors on the floor; you get the obvious message that The BEAST is a serious threat to world peace at this time.

Other things the Peace card can stand for are: Mediation, Pause, Quiet, Relief of Burdens or a stuck situation.

I think we see elements both of Pause (there has been a pause while the US sorts its position out) and stuck in that the world is stuck with The Beast Now.

The Uruz rune, the Ancient Cattle of Northern Europe are wild, untamed and strong; in fact they are one of the “wild beast” the very ancient Germanic People would have known in Europe.  While it has many positive aspects, these Ancient Cattle also represent a pretty much unstoppable force once they stampeded.

If something spooks or angers them, once they start running nothing human can stop them; they stop either when they are ready or they go directly off a cliff.

Early man knew these and ran them off cliffs by the thousands for their own meals – so remember while the beasts can not be stopped by humans, they can be directed and diverted by them.

We can all hope for some positive diversions back towards a peaceful path this week, but it isn’t looking very likely at this point.

Meanwhile, for individuals concentrate on using the Peace card to sooth the Beast and help bring out the positive, strong and creative aspects of the Ancient Cow Adumla who licked the ice and melted the Glaciers giving birth to the modern world in Germanic Traditions.

Also, when those around you look about to lose the battle between their on inner-peace and the Beast, don’t feed the beast but seek to calm it if possible and by getting out-of-the-way if you can’t manage that.  There is no reasoning with this Beast, they are not rational and they are full 100 percent emotions and motions.

Do what you must be then exist the field as quickly as possible and play yourself some favorite music, because remember that saying about music and raging beasts; also a good day for comfort food and all things uzzy and cuddly.

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