Card of the Day – Tuesday – Sept 3, 2013

Death Voyage Eiwaz2

Well given today’s cards that were stuck together (Death and The Voyage) combined with the Yew Tree rune Eiwaz; I think it safe to say the Isa (Ice) energy from last Friday is finally starting to melt although I think the “surprise” factor that was predicted (and that we have already seen a lot of in the headlines) is likely to continue.

That would include this mornings missile “test” reported by the Russian Media and now being attributed to the US and Israel, even though there have been denials so far, as well as the “Surprise” headlines which included the UK vote and the US President suddenly deciding to wait for congress (some of these headlines even included the word “surprise” in them.

But this mornings really suggests a sudden change of direction, one that in this case involves at least the final ending or change of one situations and given the situations in both the Middle East (and Japan) the two issues the cards have been flagging most recently, may involve actual deaths of actual people.

Usually the Death Card simply means the final ending of something, usually leading to the birth of another; for example childhood finally ends so the adult takes its place but it can and sometimes does mean actual physical death and along with the Voyage Card, which itself is an old-fashioned sailing ship on the ocean (and sometimes associated with Navies or Merchant Ships in readings) I have a feeling that the Navies of the world are playing a very serious game that may result in some really, really unfortunate outcomes if this goes on much longer.

Usually the Voyage card is about either actual travel or a client’s personal spiritual journey but in this case my gut keeps being led to all those ships surrounding Syria and beyond, sitting looking at each other with the ability to deal death hidden in their bowels and I don’t like it one bit in terms of likely possible outcomes; especially with the Death Card.

The Yew Tree Rune: The Tree of grave yards for thousands of years in Europe, because it lived so long that for the average person it seemed to have eternal life and so was a symbol both of death and hope.  It is also a hugely tall and stately tree, but ones whose lovely leaves emit a slow acting poison that can sicken or even kill a person who sits too long beneath it – so the Yew Tree is a powerful symbol of both death and rebirth coming to us from the Ancient Past.

In my mind’s eye I am seeing the peaceful yet lonely grave yards around Vicksburg Mississippi where some of my family live; a place where the dead on both sides are buried in numbers so large it is hard to contemplate.  The Park there is peaceful now, with hidden water falls the locals know to hike to and huge monuments built by the survivors (including an amazing small Greek Temple) but there is no hiding the park was also a place of death and battles, so yes there is a sort of peace but also an unease there; this is the feeling the Yew Tree gives to me in this reading.

There is still time for this reading to change, the current energies if they continue may lead people (leaders, military people etc) towards an easier path to death (perhaps at sea) but there is still time to refocus and choose to go elsewhere.

This may be a sort of “tipping point” but energies only make some things more likely than others, people have free will and I very much hope that saner heads will prevail.

Meanwhile, for individuals expect a day when some things may suddenly end, but that is likely to lead to clarity in the direction that should be taken next.  So be prepared for sudden and profound change but also to have answers needed for further progress, the Yew Tree stands as witness that our decisions personal and public may reverberate for a very long time into the future.

Chart your new courses carefully and as an individual you should be fine; it is the world outside our personal lives that more greatly concerns me (and yes all this can be taken to be read in a similar situations for the emergency in Japan, including the threats to the Sea, but I thought this was enough doom for this reading)….

Temple Memorial at Vicksburg’s Battle Field Park


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