Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 30 – Sept 1, 2013

Voyage Cave Fool Isa2

This weekend, we have energy trying to move forward on something (the Voyage) that is instead seems to be matched with an equal desire to retreat (Cave) card or move forward in a different direction (The Fool) card.

But every just seems to be stuck (the Isa/Ice rune) and it is likely that no one is really going much of anywhere until that Ice melts and then the voyage can continue.

I think that this energy is playing out most obviously in the Middle East this weekend with some nations (and their Naval ships) wanting to push onwards towards war or at least towards something, but the defeat of the UK participating in such a war (at least for now) has everyone retreating back into their cave for the weekend.

This may also be seen as contributing to depression (mental) and depression (economic) in some quarters which are also aspects of the cave card; as would be the civilians in the war zone getting ready to take cover.

The Fool Card may be hinting at coming attempts to either go off in a totally new direction (like diplomacy) or a “foolish” attempt to try to reorganize things so they appear new.

There is also still a hint of the Loki-trickster energy in this second time around for the Fool Card this week – watch for the “ice” to break in an unexpected or somewhat surprising manner.

The Fool is the third card in this reading and relates somewhat to the end of the time period (in this case perhaps Tuesday as much as Monday because Monday is a major US holiday) – so my guess would be that for at least a little while the situation is unlikely to change much; but when it does change it may be something of a “curve ball” from what is expected to happen.

Reading this sort of really volatile world situation is difficult and I will do a weekend update if things do change suddenly and I get a chance at the computer.

Also, there is the possibility this weekend for real “Ice” or early storms, cold snaps etc as well as travel disruptions which almost always come about when you have a Voyage/Isa combination.  The Cave Card and the Fool (or starting over/new beginnings) card makes it even more likely that a lot of people may experience depressions/unhappiness over delays or even diversions to other locations than where they intended to go (or just decide to change their plans and perhaps stay home or go elsewhere, especially places that are closer).

Meanwhile, for individuals a weekend when most people trying to actively do things may feel stuck and a lot of people will probably just want to stay home and snuggle under their bed covers.  A great weekend to spend quality time with your partner and pets, both can help with that depressive, hiding, cave feeling that combined with that stuck iced over feeling may make for a rather dreary weekend otherwise.

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