Card of the Day – Wednesday – August 28, 2013

Sage Ansuz2

Today’s Card is The Sage (Wisdom/Study/Old Man/Elder Person) and the rune-stave is once again Ansuz (Mouth/Communication/ODIN) just like yesterday.

Now yesterday we talked about the Ansuz rune quite a bit, about how it is translated Mouth and usually associated with communications of all sorts (which would include books, such as The Sage has in his library).

It is also common to associate the rune Ansuz with the Germanic God Odin/Wotan; who is tied to Death, Battles, Slyness and Wisdom (The Sage again) in fact, one of Odin’s common modern nicknames is THE OLD MAN.

While yesterday’s Fool Card plus Ansuz suggested a day when both Loki (the official Trickster) and Odin (the unofficial and more serious trickster) were having, as my husband put it “A Boy’s Night Out..” probably full of whoopee cushions and riddling puns over many horns of mead; today is more like all Odin all the time.

When Loki energy teams up with Odin you tend to get teasing, practical joking, light-hearted messing around at least until Odin decides he’s had enough of games,  and dives into something seriously devious or unsettling.

Odin without Loki’s distracting (and often entertaining) role as a side kick; can become serious, dark, brooding and show his Death God/Scary Magical side pretty quickly.

Thankfully, Odin is also most notably linked with Wisdom and making sacrifices to achieve it – he is known for traveling great distances to learn and obtain knowledge including talking to severed head and drumming with magically trained women (or Goddesses) to learn their arts.

The stories also have it that he hung on a tree as a sacrifice for nine days and nine nights, in order to learn the runes and then he chose to give the gift of the runes (aka writing) to mankind as well.

So while Odin can be scary and secretive, he is also known for his profound wisdom and being generous when he feels like it.

What can we expect in our Current Events situation with Odin in his Sage/Old Man/Wisdom aspects in the forefront?

Well, a day once again when both communications and miss-communications will be important; a day when remember (and learning) from history would be wise though also being ready to write more history (the Sage is writing his own notes future generations) when the time comes.

This is a day to study hard before acting, when great Wisdom and thought is needed before making decisions, a day when it is likely the Old Grey Beards may be calling the shots – both figuratively in the West and perhaps in reality in the East where older men often look more like the Western view of Wizards then they realize with their long white beards and hairstyles.

It is also a day when war is more likely to be seriously planned that actually executed, simply because The Sage is the planner rather than the warrior.  While Odin is also a Chooser of the slain, the maker of battles and the creator of mortal heroes; he is also the Thinker and Planner which I think is what this card suggests will be his most obvious aspect today.

Also, this energy may be encouraging the growing number of confusing mass media stories that seem to be pushing for war or muddying the story lines – that would fit with Odin’s realms of communication (and miss communication) being important today.

Like yesterday, this is a day when such errors on any level (from Internet to messages in bottles) could cause serious errors, battles or problems to arise.

But to me, the Sage Card most of all suggests that today is a day that may later be flagged by History as a time period when things were being studied, reviewed and calculated before final plans were put into place.

Pretty much in terms of the Middle East, I would be very surprised to see an actual outbreak of war today (or attack from the West rather, war is already there really) but I suspect history will show the steps and battle plans got their final dusting today.

It will also likely show that what was really needed was the Old Wisdom and Study of History before moving forward, but I’m not at all certain that will take place.

Meanwhile, individuals will find this a great day to study, learn, plan, create goals and other tasks they can largely do on their own.  This is a much better day for solitary work than working in a group, if you must work with a group today keep your eyes open and try to be the “wise one” who is helpful or otherwise stays quiet if you realize things are just going pear-shaped.

But given a choice, today is a good day for individual development, reading books, studying for a class, practicing a skill, martial arts, personal exercise, writing a ritual or even a shamanic journey.

A great day for learning a new psychic skill, especially something like Tarot or Astrology that involves serious study and reading.

So, sort of an Odin inspired “lull” day and with Odin you can be reasonable sure that if things are quiet, it really is the Calm Before the Storm…

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