Card of the Day – Tuesday – August 27, 2013

Anyone wishing to listen to the audio show for this week – the one that talks about the cards showing signs that the topics of war, money and jobs would be the primary energies of this week can listen here on You Tube.

Now getting back to today’s card and rune we have:

Fool Ansuz2

First we have The Fool Card which usually means a New Start, the Beginning of a Journey, Innocence, Distraction or a Foolish act/action.

The Ansuz Rune is a complex one usually translated as Mouth or Communication but seriously tied to the Norse God Odin/Wotan who is both a God of Death and a God of Battles, Conflicts and Wisdom as well as communications.

So what you get here, in terms of Communications is a sense of “Foolish Battles” or “The Fool’s Communication” or even “The Fool’s Wisdom.”

I think this suggests that it is likely that today will either be the actual start or the seriously intense planning of some new and possibly rather foolish actions on the part of the powers that be.  Most likely this will be partly the result of communications issues (either actual errors or a failure on someone’s part to communicate something).

It also suggests that foolish action is likely to involved battles, conflicts and death but then anyone who watches the news can also see that is likely to occur – though the Odin type of “war/conflict” tends to be different from some of the War/Battle figures you see in the German cosmology.  Freyr for example is more about Defensive Warfare and Thor using the protection of his hammer to defend the folk.  Freya the War Goddess chooses the most bravest and handsomest warriors for her hall, suggesting comfort at the end of battle.

But Odin, Odin is all about the creation and destruction of mortal heroes, usually on both sides of a conflict.  He chooses favorites, showers them with chances for glory and then decides to call them home to Valhalla whenever he feels like it.

Odin’s hero’s tend to be like Sigfried in the Rhinegold Saga; young, handsome, brave and doomed…when they do live to grow old they tend to be the cunning, sly (and in one case down right ugly ones) that seem to attract both Odin’s notice for having both brawn and wisdom; but even they often get curve balls thrown at them seemingly at Odin’s direction.

While Loki is the official “trickster” of the Germanic Pantheon, Odin himself is known for twisting and playing fast and loose with information to get a desired result and one thing he really seems to enjoy is a jolly little war (or a big war, he doesn’t seem to be that picky).

To my knowledge, Aeschylus a Greek living 2500 years ago never met Odin, but his words could easily be a motto both for Odin’s way of thinking and war in general when he said:

In War, Truth is the first casualty 

Aeschylus – Greek tragic dramatist (525 BC to 456 BC)

When you combine this with the concept that the Roman’s had of Odin when they encountered him among the Germans of their day – they though of him as Mercury the Messenger – well you get the perfect set up for:


The sort of mix-up or problems that in a very tense situation can lead to conflicts, arguments and battles of all kinds and it is these energies which are at the forefront today, just when the West looks to be seriously contemplating a “short” bit of blood-letting in the Middle East….

But what the Innocent (or even Holy) may walk into with total thoughtlessness may not be so easy to extract himself from if he should say trip over the root in front of him and break his leg and/or smash his flute directly into a nearby tree.

Many traditional tarot decks have the fool about to walk off a cliff with his little dog jumping at his heals trying to either play or to warn him of danger.  The whole image of The Fool is of a young man who is so excited to be going on his journey that he’s simply not paying any attention to what is going on around him or the possible consequences of his actions that may occur in the future.

This is so not the right energy to be contemplating a military action with (if there is such a thing as good energy for that, but this is particularly bad) and suggests that things are likely to be muddy, confused, uncertain and unstable.

This energy is likely to spread to other issues and current events stories today as well – we’ve already seen some major attempts at distraction with the childish rebellions of over-age child stars being front page news  at the same time that war ships are gathering.

Some other ways this is likely to play out is to continue to hear about “new” jobs programs, “new” economic solutions, “new” starts on all sorts on things.

One POSITIVE expression of this energy would be New forms or New systems of communications which could involve anything from the Internet to new ways of producing school text books.  New Radio or TV stations, companies, movies etc could also be in this energy – anything that involves communications between people on the personal and the public level is likely to be touched by this energy.

It is even possible that some of this energy will spill over into the other situation the cards keep flagging which seems to be the ongoing mess from the Japan nuclear disaster though I suspect for a few days the war drums (and possibly employment/jobs/currencies/economics) are going to be front and center stage.

Some of this news may be in the positive way of innovation and some of it will be confused and foolish (or even tedious) like the current head lines about pop stars or young hunks and their current outfits or new lady friends.  All of it is likely to be carried over the airways or the new “mouth” or “Ansuz” of the modern age.

Individually, this is a day when it is important to be very clear before starting out a new project, exactly which way you want to go with it and carefully communicate to others exactly what it is you are trying to do.

If you get the plans made carefully and the communication lines are clear – this could actually be a very good day to get new projects started.

This is also a good day for continuing to work on communications with those close to you both in this world and the other world.  A day when things have a chance to look fresh and new or at least there are chances to seem them from new and unusual directions which can help provide solutions to previously difficult problems.

So while this may be a very (and I do mean very) dicey day internationally, for individuals it has great potential to be both positive and informative.

Another one of those time periods to keep your eye on the current events news, but pay close attention to your own details and life situation first.

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