Card of the Day – Thursday – August 22, 2013

TheBody Hagalaz2

I was unable to read yesterday for the blog but today’s Body Card (Health/Material World) and the Hagalaz (Hail Stone/Strike Rune) seems to reflect yesterday’s current events energy and suggests that “sudden strikes” or unexpected actions (like the gassing and bombing of civilians in Syria) is likely to continue both in literal and symbolic ways.

This is a time period where people (especially famous ones) may be suddenly “struck down” or “hit” in various ways both physical and again symbolic.  The Hail Stone rune implies something sudden and expected or less often coming from above.

So stories about well-known people having heart attacks (or other sudden health issues) or “striking out” during sports (when they are expected to win) or being “struck” by some new idea or invention “out of the blue,” that becomes a real game changer – all that sort of energy is possible during the next 24 to 48 hours.

While I’m hoping for the good stuff, like sudden inspirations, I’m concerned that on a global scale we are more likely to see the sort of sudden changes that can affect the health and well-being (Body Card again) and the people who end up getting struck.

While this could be more bombs, gases and other human caused situations (or weapons) this energy may also be focused on actual weather events (like hail storms) or other geological, solar or even space related situations that directly slam into the world and cause some folks to have a rather bad day.

This could be anything from more direct solar flares that actually hit and cause damage to things closer to home like earthquakes, volcanoes, land-slides, waves or other geological and/or weather related events.  Another asteroid strike is unlikely but would fit this sort of energy perfectly as would the symbolic “bolt from the blue” in politics or other human concerns.

The “strike” could also be health related so be on the look out for stories about unexpected illnesses “striking” around the world, even new (and sudden) news about old issues like radiation coming from Japan or a strain of flu morphing into something more serious.

For individuals a day to expect things “coming out of blue” and just being ready to flow with them.  When they hit, just deal with what you must and try to keep going – take shelter when you can and don’t stick your neck out.

Our household’s personal “Hagalaz” was waking up this morning to the theft of some of our firewood that a friend was helping us cut.  We’ve made plans to salvage the rest and protect it, that’s the sort of nasty “surprises” in the real world that Hagalaz can bring.

But the good news is that once the hail strikes the ground, it only sticks around a short time and after that it melts; sometimes this causes flooding or other problems but most of the time it just does its damage quickly and goes away, allowing everyone time for clean up and recovery.

Meanwhile, this is another day that it is not recommended to stick your neck out or expose yourself (or your feelings) unless you really have to.  A good time to take shelter and plan, rather than actively putting plans into practice, wait until the storms pass but be ready to move when they do.

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