Card of the Day – Tuesday – August 20, 2013

Inquirer nautiz2

Today’s card is the Inquirer (all of us asking the question and/or the world/current events) and the rune-stave is nautiz – need fire/need/desperation.

This suggest that there may be some rather dire situations coming down the pike in terms of current events today and for individuals this is probably a day when there always seems to be something missing that you are looking for or that you need when it isn’t right to hand.

This can make for a rather disjointed type of day, so best to try to have a sense of humor about it and do your best to plan accordingly.  Also, concentrating on Nauthiz original meaning of “need fire” made with two sticks or the earliest human hearths can also help with this – because that aspect of the energy is very positive and home centered.

While it may be rather “desperate” to build fires by rubbing to sticks together, the end result is one that will cook your food and keep you warm; so continuing on even when frustrated until you get the desired results today is a good idea. Unlike some days, this isn’t a day to give up easily but rather one to keep pushing until the task gets done.

Current Events wise, I need to mention that not only are there a lot of “fires” being lit all over the planet (both real ones and figurative ones) but another aspect of any solar or fire rune is nuclear power – or the fire that ignites in this case (by the atoms smashing against each other with sticks) so stories about nuclear issues of all sorts (energy, weapons and accidents) can be expected during this time period.

Also, power in general, the “lights” that are the fire lighting the modern world may be an issue; with power plants or other electricity related stories being in the news (both in terms of outages but also perhaps discoveries and inventions).  Lightning and lightning related issues may also be in the news as the earliest way that mankind probably encountered and learn to keep “need-fire,” even before they figured out sticks.

So, while a stressful day, hopefully a day when needful things will be accomplished by individuals.

So don’t give up, but do take time to relax if you need to and remember always to breath….and keep those matches handy, they are easier to use than sticks, trust me on this one….