Card of the Day – Monday – August 19, 2013

Sun Eiwaz2

This week starts out with a Double Sun Card, I say Double because today’s daily card at the official Psy card Site was also the Sun! So we can be pretty sure that really is the over-reaching energy for today as well as leading into the week.

Now the Sun is a largely positive card, indicating warmth, light, celebration, harvests etc; however, like all cards it does have some darker aspects including possible solar events (like large flares), intense heat (or drought) and all things nuclear (little sun reaction).

So this week; look for some great stories about fun in the Sun, the last days of Summer (in the Northern part of the world), light being shown on certain problems, celebrations and festivals in many places (State and County Fairs, Harvest Festivals etc).  Also, be on-guard for possible solar ejections and flares or other sun related issues (such as sun spots, droughts, water-restrictions, fires etc) as well as continuing or new stories on nuclear issues/situations/energy/weapons etc.

The rune stave is Eiwaz or Yule Tree, which is sometimes associated with the world tree in Northern lore, or the Tree that holds all the worlds of the cosmos together.  It is also a very ancient and long-lived tree, often found in grave yards in Europe as a symbol of eternal life, even though it can be poisonous to sit under for too long due to a toxic substance found in composition of the tree itself.

The Yew Tree has long been considered one of the holiest trees in Northern Europe, being a natural evergreen as well as living for generation it stays green throughout the long dark Winters.

Thus it is both a symbol of death and life, one of the most powerful runes and also associated with the connections between heaven and earth, of which one of the most powerful is the connection between the Sun and the Earth where we ourselves live.

This suggests there may also be some planetary or even astrological things going on this week that prove to be highly important this coming week, so my guess is that keeping focused upward this week is a good idea.  I am not an astrologer so I’ll have to leave that aspect to those who know more than I do on the subject, but it just feels like there may be something rather deep going on there.

So a day (and a week) for events and situation playing right out there in the sunlight for all to see, a difficult week for those having things they wish to hide and a week when the connections between this world and the other world may be very strong, the veil between them thinning and a certain amount of bleed over from our world and other worlds likely to occur.

While this sort of world-blending is more common during periods of deep moon/hidden energy, it may be that tomorrow’s “Blue Moon” itself a very magical and powerful event, is enough to allow such blurring even during an otherwise very solar time period.

That Yew Tree rune also contributes to the connected and interconnected patterns that may be going on here.

Finally, other readings I’ve done for this time period suggest that a lot of very powerful forces may be all trying to take center stage at once, making it difficult to view any one energy easily.  The Sun may help sort those out and shine some light on what is actually occurring, which would be a good thing.

But basically for individuals this should be a good energy day, one with a lot of active life force, bounce and connectedness to it.

So enjoy, but take care to notice if the sun shines in corners where you may not have been paying enough attention for a while, have your feather duster reading because this week you may need it.