Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 16-18, 2013

Home Stranger Prison Thurs2

This weekend looks to be a time when the focus is likely to be on the Home (Home Card) for individuals and Homes/Dwellings/Property etc in terms of current events.

It looks like on the  macro-level that some new element (the Stranger Card) is likely to appear that affects the property market (and other things related to housing) that turns out to be a trap (Prison) or perhaps even some famous people end up going to “Prison” over “homes/property etc” but the reason may be something new or a bit of a surprise.

There may also be a certain sense of desperation  and explosion in the public mood concerning feeling trapped or unable to change their personal situations, especially in terms of the home but probably in other areas as well.  That would be the Thorn/Torch/Giant rune – Thurisaz

In fact the Stranger may be some sort of new person/idea/element that taps into this desperation that may appear to be a “solution” for some (or for people/tribes/nations) that ends up being a trap or sort of prison.

Since there are a lot of people who feel “in prison” in their “homes” and becoming very unhappy about – all there needs to be is a “strange/stranger” to prick folks over the edge on such issues as unemployment or underwater-mortgages these cards make a great deal of sense and suggest a return to this topic as the center of public attention this week.

That Stranger card is the wild card in this reading though, because we don’t know if this is a person or something new that happens, that “shed’s light” (torch) on this “giant” problem.  He/she/it is very likely to be what just sends things over the edge but instead of an actually solution it looks like the “pricking” of the thorn just ends up in a trap or prison for those who choose to take that road.

A weekend, when a lot of people are likely finish a week that started out with the hiding energy of the cave, feeling somewhat trapped in their homes and feeling very on edge.

A good weekend to plan to focus on the home, be wary of strange new ideas or home products and take care of your personal and basic family needs FIRST, before spending or taking on other activities.

That’s because this is a time period where people are likely to feel very lacking in “extra” strength, energy, psychic stamina, etc.; except when they over-react and explode with “Giant Force” if the torn pricks them a little to hard and sends them directly over the edge.

Instead of a prison, try to make your physical and spiritual home a place you want to be in and not somewhere you feel like a stranger.  If traveling this weekend, try to maintain a sense of balance, even when those around you may look like they are about to lose it.  Avoid tense situations when possible and walk away if you can to avoid being trapped by issues beyond your control and whatever you do avoid trying to pop the “bubbles” of others this weekend, no matter how tempting.

Your more likely to get a serious eruption than a happy outcome, a weekend for practicing mindful calmness and not being distracted by shiny “new” or “strange” things that come out of nowhere to temp you.

I suspect by Monday this will all make better sense, especially if there is some big story about homes/houses/properties – Bubbles (or other things that can be “pricked”) and perhaps jails or prisons by then.

Otherwise, take care and be aware….