Card of the Day – Thursday – August 15, 2013

Fool Wujo2

Quick reading today, we’ve been having a lot of technical issues around our house and they have been making doing these daily reading a bit complicated but I wanted to check the energies and I’m glad I did.

Pretty much we have The Fool (Starting over/A new Journey/foolishness/being distracted) and Wunjo (Joy/Clan Banner/Battle Flag).

There are several ways of reading this on a personal level and to some degree for current events the most obvious is:

Starting over bring joy…

In other words when doing something just isn’t working, sometimes rather than repeating the same thing over an over, trying something new may result in a happier outcome.

On the other hand, this energy can also lead to:

The Fool (or the foolish) are joyful – and not paying attention to the dangers in front of them.

If you look on the card, the happy, innocent young man is starting out on his journey with his heart full of joy, listening to his own music, his hair in his eyes and totally unaware he is about to walk directly into a tree.  His “joy” is likely to be short-lived, in many standard tarot decks he is about to walk over a cliff, his small dog is playfully trying to warn him, but he’s not listening to his pet either.

For Current Events, I think there are elements of both types of energy today – in some areas (most likely science, but also perhaps in politics or direct applications of various solutions) joy will actually manifest when an approach that simply isn’t working is dropped and a totally “new beginning” (as one of my decks call this card) is started and the new way begins to bring about joyful solutions.

The second energy manifestation is even more likely though, with foolish and distracted actions bringing joy only for a short time, until the true consequences become known and the situation smacks directly into a tree.

Oh and there’s a secondary form this part of the reading could take internationally too, and that is:

The Fool takes Joy in Battle…or Foolish Battles…

I really don’t like that version, but given what is happening in Egypt (among other places) it has to be mentioned….

For individuals, a good way to use this energy in addition to new directions bringing joy, is to accept the simple joys of family and friends (The Fool is uncomplicated and open to what his new journey brings) and Joy if found in the Clan or Clan banner.

So wishing everyone a happy change of direction today, one that results in good things coming to you and yours.