Card of the Day – Tuesday – August 13, 2013

Liar Father Gebo2

Various Internet and other problems are now sorted so we are now back with an expanded Monday/Tuesday reading that is taking place early Tuesday evening here in Ireland.

The First card I pulled was the Liar and since the first card of the week often colors the entire week ahead, I decided to look at the next card to see who or what the Liar might be and got The Father Card.

We’ve seen the Father before, he is usually a good card, a nice man showing his young son how to shoot an arrow in order to provide food for his family when he is grown, he event points out to the boy the way he should go.

This is how we would all like to view our personal fathers or father-figures, even if the reality may have been a bit less helpful and loving.  That’s because all human beings long for a father-type figure (at least when they are tiny children) who is their protector, mentor and caregiver.

The Liar Card is what happens when a person/tribe/nation/idea presents itself as such a loving father, but in reality does not have the best interests of the “children” at heart.

The dark side of the father is that “Father as Beast” we saw a few weeks ago, or the father who loving trains his son (with the best of intentions) to go off to murder members of an “enemy” tribe offensively, rather than saving the military aspects of his son’s education for tribal and family defense.

The Lying Father seems to point the child in the right direction (or “his children” in the case of a nation/tribe/group) but in reality is pushing them off in directions that are not really in their own interests but rather his own or whatever/whomever he actually represents.

The Liar card on its own is full of deception, distraction and escapism; so it is even possible that the Lying Father believes some or all of the lies himself.  The Liar Card also suggests that there is something very important behind the curtain he is dancing in front of that he does not want the viewer to see, just as the Father is point out to the child what HE believes the child should aim at, not necessarily what the boy would have chosen as a goal for himself.

Finally we have gebo, the gift or marriage rune – this is a very powerful and generally good rune which signifies both the power of giving (one to another) but also the vast energies of the human reproductive act.

In some Northern languages the word for marriage is still based on this rune, and while it is not simply a partnership, it is about the power of certain types of alliances, especially sexual (or psycho-sexual, powerfully attractive ones).

When you put this together you can get a variety of images:

The Father’s Gift is a Lie

The Father’s Gift is a Distraction

Don’t look too closely at any gifts (or information) that are pushing you in a certain direction (especially if a father-figure is doing the pushing.

OR even

The Father’s gift is being influenced by lies and deceptions

There are still yet more ways to read this, but you get the idea; in some versions the father is himself an evil a manipulative figure in others his intentions are good and even his gift(s) may be well-intentioned but there is something dishonest going on behind his back.

Current Event wise, I think this is mainly a warning that this week the Powers the Be (the “Fathers”) will be trying to distract their various populations with gifts and other fantasies (including perhaps beating war drums, stories about defenses, hunting criminals, patriotism, lofty goals and plans etc) from whatever the hidden issue/lie/liar actually is (even the “Fathers” even know for sure yet what it is)…

On a personal level this energy is more tricky but probably also less harmful because if you are aware the primary energy of the week is directed distractions and falsehoods you can simply do your best to avoid being pushed into things or accepting situations (or gifts) that you feel uncomfortable with.

During a week like this, buying a used car is not advised (especially in this case from a pushy sales person) but if you have to transact business, attend a wedding, sign up for military service etc; then just be very, very sure to know exactly what you are getting into.

If your buying a house, car or other big appliance this is a week for paying careful attention to the legal wording and the fine print on the contract.  This is a terrible time to try to settle things by shaking hands or based on “trust alone.”

In fact, I think a major theme for this week, especially when dealing with the dictates of business and other people in a “father” position over you (bosses, the city council, governments etc) would be:


Don’t be distracted, don’t be dazzled by “gifts” that seem to go to be true and don’t allow others to direct your arrows.

Do what you know to be the correct action to take and the course your personal gut tells you to follow.  There is also no harm in seeking guidance through meditation, prayer or divination this week as long as you, ultimately decide that future course for yourself and not as how “those above” you may be trying to dictate.

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