Card of the Day- Weekend Edition – Aug 9-11,2013

Stranger Sun Work Raido

This weekend’s card combination tends to unify the earlier energies of The Stranger (past two weeks) and this week’s Sun and solar energies and focuses them both on the Work Place/Jobs/Employment and probably travel/communications/movement.

Breaking that down, The Stranger suggests again a new person/leader/situation/element (but perhaps the same one as we have been seeing, could be Edward Snowden himself or someone/something we still haven’t quite recognized yet for what it is) interacting with the Sun.

The Sun can stand for a lot of things “Strength” like a “strong” leader or situation, but the Sun can also be a light shinning brightly on something and revealing it for all to see.  As mentioned earlier in the week, it can also represent all things nuclear (little sun) from power plants to weapons; as well as stars, because even though there is a Stars card in the deck, of course the sun is a single star.

Work usually is about mundane, regular everyday work; though it can be spiritual or mental work as well.  Next to the Stranger and Sun card, it could even be about the “work” of the sun, during this new part of the solar cycle, if so we can probably expect disruptions in travel and communications this weekend that may be solar based.

That’s because the Raido rune stave is all about riding/travel and communications, especially electronic (radio) types of communications.

For individuals this is a weekend, when travel may be “work” or travel may be required for work.

A time when new situations, people and ideas may reveal themselves for what they really are: in many cases this will be a positive experience with the sun causes celebration and a harvesting of good things coming together; but not every ray of sun-shine reveals things that are positive about something new, so pay attention and be ready for either to occur and probably rather quickly.

It is a good weekend for travel and communications, if the sun itself (or The Stranger) doesn’t get in the way; be prepared for some delays with a book and some extra cash in case of layovers but over-all the aspects for travel look more positive than negative.

There may also be news both personal and international about jobs, with perhaps some new technology (the stranger) or economic idea coming along that seems to “work” to make things “run/move” faster than they have before.

So a good weekend for working on job resumes and similar practical job searching skills, though also a time to pay attention to the over-all economic for signs of “over-heating” or revelations about “real” jobs numbers etc.

But practically speaking, the main thrust of this reading is that the energies are starting to merge together, rather than continuing to fall apart – so the Stranger at the Door, now meets with the Strength of the Sun to influence work, travel and communications.

Should be an interesting week and week ahead…