Card of the Day – Wednesday – August 7, 2013

Tower Daguz2

Today continues our seemingly changing and emergency energy patterns coming into being with The Castle Tower (Defense/Protection/Strength) and Daguz (Dawn/The Sun at Dawn).

Again, reading for individuals first – this is a another highly active, powerful time period, once again ruled by the Sun though in a slightly different aspect from yesterday’s reading.

While yesterday was the strong, bright sun at noon; today is the gentler and mistier sun at dawn.  So perhaps a slightly less active day than yesterday, but also likely to be a bit more restful in its revelations as well.

The Castle Tower is NOT the Tower of Destruction in most standard Tarot Decks, rather it is the Might Castle on the Hill, the place of refuge and defense from outside forces.

For individuals again, this suggest a good day for planning your own personal “castle” both in terms of buildings/material world/home safety etc and in terms of magical and spiritual defenses – the dawn rune is also great energy for learning or understanding things that have been puzzling us for a while.  A great time to “sleep on” a nagging situation and see if the outcome becomes clearer because it probably will.

On an international scale, I’m drawn once again to Japan because yesterday I was thinking the only thing that reading needed was  Daguz (the Rising Sun) to compete the picture of that nations return as a military power.

Today we have just that rune “The Rune of the Rising Sun” for the “Land of the  Rising Sun” and the Defensive Castle Tower – again suggesting that while (for the time being anyway) this military build up is aimed at defense rather than offense – Japan simply is going to do this to this and their castles will be rebuilt, rearmed and self-defended.

I also expect to see a rise there in the popularity of the military in general and all things martial – something that is likely to spill over into much of the rest of the world (especially the Industrialized and industrializing world) if the current energy trends continue.

In other places such as Europe and North America (especially the US) look for continued drastic measure to be put in place in the name of “defense” and “protection” of the population/embassies/nation/military etc.

The Dawn Rune may also start to reveal more of the “hidden” defenses that have already been used or are planned; more revelations about the NSA, Homeland “Security” and other similar agencies and programs would fit this aspect of the rune very well.

Finally, there may be a general sense of military build up and tension in a lot of places as people/tribes/nations/groups of nations look to strengthen their “castles,” dig their “moats,” and generally get ready for possible conflict.

Again, as we’ve been seeing for the past year or more in these readings, the conflict probably isn’t going to start right away, but now the serious military preparations may be starting.

Thankfully, the Castle is primarily a protective aspect of conflict rather than an offensive one – it is just that like all energies it can tip over into over-protection that is smothering and/or lead to offensive actions in the name of defensive ones.

Something to watch this week anyway…meanwhile  in your private life, enjoy the “high” solar energy periods tend to bring while it lasts!