Card of the Day – Monday – August 5, 2013

Skills Wujo2

Today’s card is the Skills and the rune-stave is Wunjo (Joy/Clan Banner/Battle Flag) – taken together they indicate a rather positive start to the week, suggesting for most people that their skills (those they already have and those they are learning) are likely to bring joy or happiness to the family/extended family.

For Current Events, reading this is a bit trickier because it suggests again that the “skills” (or abilities) to find “Joy” or perhaps a settlement of some conflict if the skills are employed properly.

Of course there is also the alternative meaning of Wunjo as either Clan/Tribal banner or battle flag that has to be taken into account as well – in which case the “Skills of Battle” or the idea of “The Joy of Battle” may also be at play here.

My feeling is that Current Events wise both things are going on, this is likely to be a day (and also a week) where who has the best skills/preparations/weapons/machines/technology is likely to result in Joy for them and perhaps not so much happiness for others.

Look for stories about peace negotiations, technology (of all sorts) especially stories about technology or science breakthroughs that again may bring joy or even help the family, military training (or build ups) aka the “skills” of Battle (as seen in the bow and arrow on the card), schools and colleges selling their “skills” to students etc., etc..

My over-all sense is that while skills, weapons, attempts at negotiations, conflicts are likely to be in the news, today at least is isn’t likely for an all-out mega-war or anything to break out.

A lot of things may be going on behind the scenes (or even in public) that hints of something like that being planned, but the skills and joy suggest more taking the time to build and prepare, rather than outright doing anything.

There is a small possibility that such energy could result in better job/employment situations and this certainly may happen in the lives of individuals.

This is a perfect energy week for working on new skills, reviving old ones, putting together a resume, looking for a job, getting ready for school, studying (both practical and spiritual subjects) and a time to find joy and happiness in family/home life.

So, perhaps an energy change is moving into focus or perhaps not – we will see tomorrow if this pattern continues…

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