Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – July 26-28,2013

Beauty Never Tree Tiwaz2

After nearly two weeks of various computer problems followed by no internet connection type problems, card of the day now returns with a weekend reading.

This weekend (and probably playing into the next week) the main cards are;

The Beauty – a beautiful women, self-esteem, female power (especially sexual/seductive), vanity, self-absorption

Never- The dark messenger, The raven, something will never happen or take so long it will seem to never happen.  Something will never happen as expected.

The Tree Firm foundations, roots and branches of an entire issue/thing/family/nation/problem etc; The World Tree (aka the World)


Tiwaz – Tyr the hand-handed God of Law and Justice, Spear, Battles, Court Decisions, Legal matters, Clan Warfare or Settlements

This is a very interesting combination and will probably work out over the next few days in a variety of ways.  But the main themes I seem to be drawn to are:

Seduction (or Vanity/Distraction) and/or something which appears Beautiful; will “Never” Take Root as the Law will either stop it or perhaps control it (or maybe even take it on in battle).

What exactly that “Beautiful” thing/idea/situations/government/person is, I am not totally sure; not having been able to read for nearly two weeks I don’t have a lot of back of information on it either.

It could be a national/inter-national entity like the EU or it could be a female leader (like say the Queen of England, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkle etc) or a lovely “idea” or “theory” that “seems” like it should work but in reality is never going to turn out as planned.

What ever it is, it could once again threaten the very World Tree (Earth) and if that is the case, my thoughts would also go to the ongoing situation in Japan where attempts to “keep things looking beautiful” at all costs (including hiding the truth) may never work and eventually the forces of judgment  kick in (in this case perhaps the harshest sort of “karma” as what has happened becomes what is now happening).

It may also be that while there are elements of all of these in a variety of stories this weekend (and into next week), that coming soon there is going to be one larger story that obviously is the real player in all of this.

Meanwhile, I would look for a lot of stories about Beauty Queens and “Beautiful people” especially those having legal problems (including the every popular Summer Divorce stories) as well as people having trouble settling down, staying in their homes, restlessness, the homeless, new laws and penalties, tribal warfare (including gangs in Western Countries), revenge killings (or other types of vengeful actions).

There may also be some highly positive manifestations of the Beauty Card, especially on the personal level, it is just with the Never-The Tree-Tiwaz energies that come with it; I think they will be somewhat reversed and negative in the public sphere.

There is also a sense of “Beauty is Fleeting” and “never” something you want to use as an indicator for what is inside when “putting down roots” or making “legal ties.”

This applies as much to business decisions this weekend as it does to romance, don’t be seduced by a pretty package in any area of life this weekend; don’t take on legal obligations without being sure of the depth and mutual understandings of the other party involved.

Make sure it really is something that brings clan/family/personal harmony (Tiwaz in its best form) and not something that later will never work out as planned, disrupt the roots of your tree (and its branches) and ultimately be judged an unwise move.

A good weekend to look over options, but try to avoid making serious decisions unless you absolutely must – then use your head and just your heart alone.  This is a time for both thinking and feeling; above all not just surface seeing.