Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – July 19-21, 2013

Stars Cave Liar Kenaz2

Short reading for a weekend (and no card yesterday) due to very unhappy wrist making typing difficult.

However, I can see a real pattern from the Stars (connections) The Cave (Depression/withdraw) The Liar (Deception/Lies/Distraction) and Kenaz (Torch/Boil/Sideways volcano).

I think there are two levels on which to read this – One is simply that our “star” (the Sun) is acting like a star right now and simply frying a great deal of places North of the Equator, especially in places where this is unusual like Ireland (especially for weeks at time, to the point where we are having water shortages).  This is causing people to go “hide” in their nice, cool caves (if they can find one) but there may also be some false information and/or the heat wave may be used to distract the public from other issues.  The Kenaz rune suggest a torch (fire) normally viewed as light but also producing heat and we also have the idea of things building up to an explosive point (the boil erupting over).  It is possible that the Liar is fooling people into thinking that they can just hide away from everything and that stuff will not boil over, but Kenaz suggests a possible “boil over” long-hot Summer.

The other way to read this on Current Events is that people/public/individuals are making connections about all the Lies and Deceptions (Liars and Deceivers) that keep making news and that this is causing people to be depressed, withdrawn, worried and feeling like hiding from the news and/or hiding from the relentless intrusions it seems that some Western Governments are trying to impose on people.  The Kenaz runes suggests a slowly building anger or “puss/infection” or lava that is building towards the surface on this one – for right now, the public is scared and hiding; but deep inside the mountain the fire is moving towards the surface.  Once it breaks out, it may be very hard to stop..

On a personal level another good weekend to stay cool, take care of yourself, avoid buying used cars (or other contracts you don’t completely trust) and be watchful of people around you “boiling over” or over-reacting.  On the other hand, a great weekend to make connections, go star-gazing and explore anything connected with the element air.