Card of the Day – Wednesday – July 17, 2013

yes Elhaz

A very quick reading today as I have appointments all morning and afternoon but I wanted to check in with the new card deck and the runes.

So far this deck seems fond of cards that direct the energy towards the runes as a source of the main thrust of the reading.

In this case we have Yes (as in yes this is the answer) or (yes there is something) and the rune is Elhaz or Algiz (both names are used) meaning Elk or Moose.

Usually the Elk rune symbolizes protection, strength and connectedness to the Other World.  In can also represent something running wild or barging in where nothing else would dare to go – in the wild, an adult Moose has no natural predators other than man, so they tend to fear nothing.

This can be a very useful thing, except when running directly off a cliff or onto a speeding highway.

So, for the most part this is a great energy reading for the day, suggesting that no matter what is going on – “yes, there is protection, especially from connecting with the Divine/Other World”

However, there is also the downside of “protection is with the strong-one” in if the Strong One is actually about to lead everyone over a cliff or into the speeding car.

I feel both images are possible today – so individuals should be careful to look for their protection where it belongs (in the Divine – however they may view that be it as The Creator, A God, The Gods, The Higher-Self etc; rather than Strong Men who look to have tough antlers in a fight but may stampede out of control at just the wrong moment).

More tomorrow…