Card of the Day – Tuesday – July 16, 2013

Message Fool Father Isa2

Today I started out fresh with a new and previously unopened deck of Psy Cards just to make sure the messages were not getting “stuck” because the deck itself was getting “tired” or perhaps had become deformed in some way that I was picking the same cards over and over by accident (happens, it isn’t common but it is why I keep extra decks around).

The results are sort of mixed and while we no longer have the same cards, the message is close enough to continue the pattern – but let’s go ahead and look at it before I get any further.

The original draw was simple the Card – The Message with the rune-stave Isa (Ice/Stuck/Frozen) which by itself suggest that the real MESSAGE is ISA – that either things are likely to stay frozen in place and/or stuck for a while as they are.

I pulled two extra cards afterwards to see if they could provide any information on the subjects of the Message and I got The Fool (starting over, innocence, new plans, distractions) and The Father (actual Fathers, Father Figures, Fathers of Nations, Mentors, Nations identified as fatherland, Teachers, etc).

The Fool and The Father together suggests that something new is planned by “The Fathers” and/or a Father/Strong Person/Leader or Father-identified country (like Germany being The Father-Land). 

The Fool card can also symbolize someone who is just starting out on life’s journey, innocent and very self-absorbed (aka distracted) and not aware of dangers in their path.

The Father in that case would be a wise figure who is helping the young person (on the card he directs the shooting of arrows, showing the young man where to aim) find the right path and teaching him the skills he needs to feed and protect himself.

However, the Father Card has come up before (and recently) in not such bright and glowing terms, but rather as the Father who trains his children not just for self-defense and hunting but also for aggression and conflict.  The card does not tell us if this is a young hunter in training, a protector learning to shield the tribe from danger, or a young warrior-soldier in training; ready to follow the orders of “The Father” where-ever they lead.

Whatever is being represented by the Fool/Father combination be it a wise man/person helping out a young/innocent/person (or population) to achieve their full potential or a Beastly Father (as we saw a couple of weeks ago) bending the innocent to their will towards conflict and chaos; the Isa rune suggests that these plans are going to be “frozen” or “stuck in place” for a while (or at least today).

This hints to me that if this Message is about a potential conflict (the one we keep seeing in the cards that is planned and based on fortunes/wealth/money) that there is a hold up that will prevent it from breaking out at least at this current time. 

Or things may be stuck/frozen in this pattern of various attempts to move forward (in both positive and negative ways) by the “Fathers/Leaders/Rulers/Organizers etc) and this is likely to result in a great deal of frustration on many levels.

For individuals this is likely to be a bad day to try to start new projects even though the drive and interest to do so is likely to be there.

Instead, plan what you can but try to avoid taking serious actions and don’t be surprised if attempts to do so just sort of come up against a brick wall (or iceberg).

Some places may even experience real “ice” in terms of weather or other forms of frozen water – but mostly I think this is symbolic – a serious push-pull from energies that want to rush out and start new stuff (directed by those strong/father/male/tutoring energies) that keep getting stuck and quashed against serious resistance.

I almost get a sense of a young boy yelling “hey watch this!” only to have his inner-tube suddenly run out of air, just before he leaps in the water trying to show off his new skill at jumping into the lake with an inflated tire.  He either doesn’t get very far, or he dives in and then has to flounder about and swim on his own; unless the father/protector/stronger one, can dive in and help him.

But I think the basic message for most people today is: Be Patient, listen to good advice teaching/ignore anything that seems forced on you and hold your horses before trying to start directly putting into practice what  you may have learned.

Let the ice melt first and the path become clearer…individuals can do this but I’m not sure nations, corporations and leaders will…stay tuned!