Card of the Day – Monday – July 15, 2013

Warrior Fehu2

The card today is The Warrior (Conflicts, battles, defense, strength, a strong man/men) and Fehu is the rune-stave (cattle, wealth, gold, money, economy etc).

This combination suggests that pretty much exactly the same energy as we saw for the weekend of conflicts over money/wealth/resources are likely to continue and be an ongoing theme throughout the week.

On Friday we had the same card and the same rune, combined with The Body (physical world or health) and The Cave (a desire or need to hide) and I can assure my readers that totally shuffled both the cards and shook up the runes before I choose them today.

So, since we have the usual situation of a total repeat of the energy, I won’t go into nearly as much detail today as I did on Friday; but I will suggest that Current Events are likely to be dominated by various forms of conflicts/battles that are ultimately inspired by access to wealth and resources.

These conflicts can may be physical (as in outright fighting) or symbolic (corporate take overs, wealth confiscation etc) but they are seriously affecting the planet at the moment.

I’ve mentioned this before but for my new readers, my husband the P.h.d. in Old Norse/Germanic studies (from Cambridge England) has pointed out that one way to sum up the entire “Ring Cycle” (both the original saga and the opera) is “about eight hours of watching the definition of the Fehu Rune play out.”

What he means is that the entire Ring saga is pretty much fights and conflicts over sex and money

(Fehu is also about fertility and sex) so those sorts of battles are likely to be seen in the public news as well.  Perhaps with more than the usual stories about famous people having nasty love triangles and bust ups (or even violence) concerning sex and/or fertility.

A big public scandal or three would also fit right in with this energy this week (since Monday’s reading often sets the tone for the week ahead) the sort with lots of brown envelopes full of cash (or their more modern versions) and sordid sex (if there is such a thing anymore), betrayal, lust, fights etc..all the “good stuff” that is likely to keep tabloid news around in some fashion long after mankind has colonies sprinkled in every corner of the galaxy.

There is still all that underlying tension about a larger conflict that the cards and runes have been picking up on for a while and while again I think it unlikely it will break out this week; it is likely that this continued pile up of “war/warrior/battle/conflict” energy is highly likely to combine with the highly flammable energies of Fehu’s Sex/Money/Fertility towards the ultimate break out of this battle plan into the real and physical world.

As it is, expect some local conflicts and violence to get even more out-of-control and again look for the old adage “follow the money,” when they do.

In personal lives, just like the weekend beware of family conflicts over money/wealth investment/debts/sex/fertility etc.

The good news is this is a time when you can personally use your inner-warrior to fight such battles that come up that you can not avoid.  Obviously if you suddenly find yourself the center of a nasty bank over-draft (especially one that is the bank’s mistake) or the unfortunately unlucky player in the game of love; you’re going to have to respond either offensively by taking action or defensively to protect your own heart/interests.

There may also be positive ways this energy can be used out right in terms of improving one’s position at work, looking for new ways to “fight” (honestly of course) to earn a better income.

This is a great week for working on defensive options of all sort from psychic self-defense techniques to putting a new lock on the back door.

It might even be a good week for some forms of personal investment, especially in terms of defense or military industries, also a pretty good (and probably profitable) week if you work in the military, defense, or probably even banking (provided you don’t get caught up in the conflicts directly and become cannon fodder).

So pretty much this week just tags onto the energy of the last one – with defensive conflicts and money/wealth issues being the two primary issues to watch both in Current Events and in Personal ones.