Card of the Day – Friday – July 12, 2013

Cave Warrior TheBody Fehu2

This weekend’s Card of The Cave (Withdraw/Depression), The Warrior (Soldiers/Battling/Defense) and The Body (Health/Material World) combine with the Fehu (Wealth/Cattle/Fortunes/Money) rune to suggest the energies of this previous week are going to continue to follow on at least for this coming weekend.

The main difference is that the Cave Card suggests it is possible that there may be some backing off or withdrawing of forces from an actual battle field and/or a desire/need on the part of others to actually physically hide themselves from the “Warriors.”

Given the Body/Physical world card, I will not be surprised if some of this energy results in some people actually hiding in real (or man-made) “cave” in order to protect themselves.

The Fehu rune, once again drums in the message that Great Fortunes/Wealth/Cattle (aka food and livestock)/Gold etc are at stake in this conflict(s).

Or as my husband likes to say, the entire saga of the Rhinegold Stories and Operas can be summed up as “eight hours of the full expression of the Fehu rune: fights and conflicts over sex and money (gold).”

Since in a private reading, a man’s card is often The Warrior, this brings up the sexual/romantic/conflicts issues of Fehu as well as the economic ones.

On a personal level, I suspect the Cave card is coming up again partly because so much of the public would simply like the endless stories of possible wars, conflicts, health issues (aka rumors of plagues, famines etc) and economic crashes to simply “go away.”  A keen desire just to hide out and try to avoid thinking of or dealing with any of these issues is likely to be high on the personal agendas of many people.

Not all of them will be able to simply hide out and avoid everything, because that Body Card suggests serious real world expressions of the energies.

But over-all in think the cards are reading a much larger issue than most people are likely to encounter this weekend.

So, while taking time to enjoy your nice, quiet cave; be looking for stories about troop withdrawals;  conflicts that almost start but not quiet;  expanding conflicts in some other areas; famous people having very public conflicts over love and sex (with possible violence or health issues involved); news of new diseases of famines (live stock and plants included in the Fehu energy) and a general tendency for everyone (on all levels) to have conflicts, arguments and even outright fights over money/currencies/gold/monetary systems/economics.

These cards are the perfect set up for the break-out of a “currency-war” or a physical conflict” and while the second may not happen (in fact the cave card reflects a possible drawing back from the brink of one) the basis for the more physical threats seems to lie in the economic world (including economics directly linked to fertility  of the land/water/resources/oil/coal etc).

On a personal level, another day when watching out for the family budget is a good idea, while at the same time being patient with family members in the hopes of avoiding the sort of nasty conflict that only upsets people and accomplishes nothing.

It is OK to give in to that inner need to hide out, as long as it is done from the viewpoint of an intentional with-drawl for a period of rest and relaxation rather than a mindless flight from the scene; one that refuses to look out the door in case of possible dangers coming down the path.

So a good weekend to stay close to home (in your mind if this isn’t possible to actually physically do) keep a tight rein on the spending and let you body relax and enjoy simple pleasures.

This is a great time if you are trying to create things (including people), for harvesting gardens, working on personal defenses (psychic and physical) and a great time to pay careful attention to  your personal health.

So, the usual mixed bag of positive and negative stuff for individuals, but a clear message that while the longer-term pattern of “conflicts over fortune” may step back a bit from the brink this weekend, they are still there and not likely to go away any time soon.

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