The Card of the Day – Tuesday – July 9, 2013

Warrior Berkano2

Today’s Card is The Warrior and the rune-stave is Berkano (Birch Tree/Birth/Mother/Mother Goddess).

This is both an obvious and a not so obvious combination depending on the way it is looked at.  On its most basic level this would read

Warrior’s Birth and/or The Birth of the Warrior

But that can mean a lot of things even in Current events, anything from the rise of a new and powerful Strong Man/Men (warrior) somewhere in the world – to the Birth of new methods of Defense Weapons or Actions (the Warrior is not in Battle he is watching and guarding the Camp).

Very often when this card shows up it does represent conflicts, wars and other types of skirmishes that warriors tend to be involved with – so the “Birth” or “nurturing” of new and/or new aspects of such conflicts is likely today.

However, Warriors and Warfare are not always fought or existing on real-live battle fields, so this is also a day when all sorts of struggles may break out (are born) some of which may be quite positive.  The Berkano rune suggests that some of them may be about birthing itself (perhaps battles over home-birthing vs. government regulations) where midwives may want to call up their “inner-warriors” to fight for their rights in this area.

Another positive way that the “Birth of Defense” may play out would be in the battles for actual (and real) protections of the most vulnerable in our world, in ways that actual improve their lives and existences.

However, this could also play out in a rather nasty way if various “Homeland Security” and other “Agencies” around the world tighten the “defensive” noose around the necks of the public in the name of “Guarding” them.

If things play out in either of the negative versions of actual physical conflicts or the realms of Security/Agencies/Spies/Government Control areas; then today would be a day when more news is also likely to top the wires about this sort of thing.

Expect stories about: new conflicts (including power-struggles among nations/corporations/agencies/world leaders/administrations etc); new weapons/systems/software/nets/ for carrying them out (or observing them); possible serious issues over Mutual Defense Treaties (NATO etc) or tensions between trading partners or other sorts of military/political alliances.

But the big one to watch out for is that: Birth of the War/Warrior because that really feels like the context of this today.

Some of it may very well result from yesterday’s unequal partnerships and either the ignoring of Sage Advice or miss-direction/miss-understanding by those “Sages” (elders) already in power.

Again, remember these are energies that make things more likely, not facts we are reading; they are also likely to filter down and play out in individual lives.

For most people, life may feel like a bit more of a struggle today, though you can try to use that energy to make things a “new” and positive struggle by focusing on things that take some battling to get down (weeds in the garden, learning a new craft, finishing that take-home exam paper, getting through a long day at work etc).

There are entire metaphysical pathways dedicated to the “Way of the Warrior,” and his/her energy is important for everyone to internalize to some degree, especially when it comes to psychic work and magical traditions.

We all need to have a good and defensive inner-warrior that protects us from people who wish to hurt us (on all levels from the spiritual to the mental and physical).

That is the powerful and positive aspects we can call up on this card, which along with Birth/Birch/Mother Goddess give us a Maternal/Nurturing edge to the Defensive/Masculine/Military Power the Warrior usual represents.

So a good day for new projects that require a strength of will and may not be easy – but really do need to get done.