Card of the Day – Thursday – June 20, 2013

Puzzle yes Berkano2

Today’s reading will be a bit short – both because I’m getting ready to go to London for a week on Saturday (I’ll do a weekly projection tomorrow) but because the cards just don’t seem willing to give a lot of information today.

The main card for today is The Puzzle – a decision that must be made and can not be avoided – a door much be chosen, there is simply no way forward without doing so.

Berkano – the Birth/Birch tree/Mother/Mother Goddess run is next, suggesting that today something will be born or come out of this decision.  It could affect women, Mother Earth or have a female influence as part of it, but does not have to.

I tried to get more information on what the Puzzle might be and simply got the card Yes.

Suggesting both that “yes,” the decision or puzzle is being pieced together now (the puzzle can also be about making connections to discover a whole) or that Yes, something is going forward/is happening.

What we have no idea is exactly what the decision is, or where it is heading – there are a few candidates; the EU decision to move forward on “unified banking” (perhaps led or affected by Angela Merkel a female leader), perhaps something is being decided that will have serious effects (good or bad) for the Earth as a whole (Mother Earth) or affect some changes on her.

The puzzle/decision may affect Mother’s or something need to nurture (encourage life) in general, but the main this is that Yes, it is being decided now.

This may or may not be part of the whole Union/partnership energy we’ve been seeing for a week now, but my guess is that it is connected to it in some way.

For individuals, this is a good day to take on decisions, projects and difficult situation that you have been avoiding trying to solve.  Because the energy is really there today for the birth of solutions and positive steps forward.

The Current Events world could make use of this energy too, but I’m not betting that they will choose to do so.

More tomorrow – I will try to drop in with my lap top sometime during the next week (I’ll be gone until July 3, 2013) but don’t know if I will be able to do many posts or not.



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