Card of the Day – Tuesday – June 18, 2013

Moon Manaaz2

Well today’s reading pretty dramatically continues the same energy themes as the last week or so (especially the weekend and into this week).  The subtle difference is we now have reintroduced the idea of Cosmic Tidal Forces in the form of the Moon, so some planetary/Earth/Sea/Space/Weather stuff could be happening today as well (especially situation involving water).

But I’m really tending to read the Moon Card primarily in its other aspects of Secret Things Revealed, Hidden Knowledge Rising to the Surface or Dreams/Visions or even illusions/madness.

The Manaaz rune is coming up it seems like an old friends, once again (like yesterday) we are dealing with partnerships, but this time back to mostly human partnerships/alliances/goals/relationships etc.

While yesterday’s Ehwaz rune was more suggestive of unequal partnerships, sometimes where one controls the other, where the participants may not even be human; Mannaz is typically more about human partnerships that are human based and at least appear to be of equal participation (but not always, just usually).

Like yesterday, I am drawn both to the G8 meeting (and the ebb and flow of stuff going on around it) as well as the ongoing NSA spying cycle for how this is most obviously playing out in current events.

Because what we have here is a partnership(s) affected in some way (in this case I think the fragile alliances of the G8, possibly other individual countries and blocks of nations as well) being greatly affected by hidden revelations.

Because there is also a strong strain of illusion or even madness in the Moon Card (as in the old words for insane, “lunatic,” or “moon struck”) I am concerned that the exposure of some of these secrets (including plans or dreams as well as things already in place) leading to a “Madness” on the part of some of the Individuals/Tribes/Nations/National blocks involved or at the very least the illusion of making choices based on what they believe to be the whole picture, that may still have hidden or undisclosed aspects to it.

Now, these People/Tribes/Nations/Individuals could all turn around and use the fantastic and amazing energies of the Moon Card in terms of dreams, visions, new ideas, creative solutions welling up from the deep to form new and lasting friendships/partnerships/treaties etc – but somehow I don’t really see that as very likely right now.

However a Day ruled by the Moon can also be a very mystical and magical time period where many potentials are possible, so again there is room for both international and personal choices.

For individuals, a day with lots of creative potential but also a time when hidden aspects of various partnerships (romantic and otherwise) may bubble up to the surface.

This may be good aspects or not so good aspects, but they are likely to occur when least expected – some of this is just going to be bleed over from the rather explosive energies of the last few days.

These are probably calming down now but their aftermath may leave some unfinished business that is showing up here.

In general though the Moon plus Mannaz (Partnership rune) is a fantastic time for “dreaming up” new types of partnerships: romantic, business and anything artistic or magical.

Perfect day to start a new magical group or other spiritual/religious enterprise working with other people (or artistic collective).  A good day for seeking out hidden secrets (especially about people) a day to try to avoid gossip though because the mud is more likely to stick (and may come back to slap you as well as the intended target).

Over-all a really good, dreamy, creative and even magical day for individuals; but a bit worrying in the Drift of Current Events, given both recent readings and what is being reported on in the media.

Oh and with all that water in the forecast, be sure to keep an eye out on your local weather and if you live in a flood prone area (especially anything affected by tides) keep up with the local reports (there is a slight chance of earthquakes with this – Earth Tides but I think that is lower today than the usual water-moon combinations).

That’s about all for today, we can check in again on all this tomorrow…




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