Card of the Day – Monday – June 17, 2013

Mother ehwaz2

Scales Death

Today’s reading was a big vague on its own, with The Mother (female energy, nurturing power, Mothers, Mother Earth, Female Leaders) and Ehwaz – Horse or Horses together/Riders together/partnerships but not always equal and not aways human.

So I asked another question:

Could I please get another card that will help clarify this reading, especially the combination of Mother and Horse/Partnerships/Yoked together?

I ended up with two cards stuck together that I have added above: The Scales (Judgment, tipping point, Karma, Decision) and Death (Death, Final Ending, Conclusion, Stasis).

While I am still not exactly sure how these Monday energies are going to play out this week, it does look like the concept of Maternal Energy/Mothers/Fertility/Strong Female Leaders and or Mother Earth Herself – is heading towards a serious decision or tipping point.

One thing about the horse-rune, is that like Manaaz (that’s we’ve been seeing recently) it is a partnership but not always an equal one. In can be two horses touching noses over the fence, but it can also be the partnership of rider and horse, with one in charge and the other being led about by the bridle to do the will of the other.

There are also hints of fertility in this rune (the God Freyr being among other things a God of “fruitfulness” and the Horse is on of his main animals) which may emphasize this for the Mother Card as well; though again I’m not sure exactly how this all fits together yet, we may just have to keep a collective watch on this and see how the next 24 to 36 hours progress, as well as the rest of the week.

The Scales and Death Card suggest a tipping point, or “Decision Time” when Death or Final Ending of something Maternal, Motherly, Feminine, or even a Female/Feminine Partnership is likely.

I don’t mean to be too uncertain here, but that fact is this is on the one hand a reading full of powerful symbols that are likely to be very important but on the other hand is short on details beyond the fact that the Mother/Mother(s)/Female Power/Female Leader(s)? is/are being caught up in a tipping point that could result in their (or something/someone’s final ending).

A partnership (possibly where one controls the other) may be involved here and it could simply be the end of this partnership that is threatened.

You would expect to see something like this on a day when say a terrible story is in the news about a Mother who made a mistake in judgment that resulted in her death at the hands of someone she trusted or was yoked to in someway (Partner/Boss/Business Partner etc) and/or perhaps simply results in a very nasty and public divorce.

I don’t think that is what we will have happening here, but that is somewhat what the energy feels like.

On the really doom laden side of things, you could get a reading like:

Mother Earth has reached a tipping point that could result in Death and or Bondage depending on how the Scales/Karma/Decision is made.

Or it could be something like,

A Female Leader (a Mother to her Country/Tribe/Nation) holds the key to a decision that can result in the Death of Something (or Ending of something) this could be a good “death” of something that needs to end (the same could be true of the Mother Earth Version) or it could be something that disrupts a partnership – especially a ruling partnership as this rune has also got some associates with Divine Kingship (in the sense of two Kings riding together).

Or it might be something like a court decision in the US or another Western Country that affects women (especially Mothers) and their Partners (The “Death of Justice” or “Justice of Death” is another way of reading this card combination.

As always, there are quite a number of ways this energy might play out today and a number of issues it might affect.

I keep feeling drawn towards something happening either in the open or behind the scenes at the G8 Summit (or associated with it) but I can not be certain exactly what.  There is one female leader there who could be making a decision that affects many things; or a decision made that affects her and her “partnership” with the rest of the group.

In terms of the G8 and other Current Events situations this might be about, we also have to remember countries that are seen as “The Motherland” or female, such as “Mother Russia,” “Britannia,” or “Lady Liberty.”  This would also be true of female identified cities/states/businesses/corporations, etc – such as California, Los Angeles, Mother Care or Mary Kay.

Anyway you slice it this reading is about some sort of decision, tipping point or judgment and suggests a time period to keep your eyes open for such situations in your personal life.

This is a good time for looking decisions over carefully (especially important ones) taking care of basic legal work (like writing a will) a good day to examine all partnerships in your life for balance (both the scales card and the equal/unequal partnerships of the Horse rune), a good day to finish things off that have reached a natural ending (or just need to die, like the weeds in your garden).

A wonderful Day for Mothers, Children, Family etc; and not a bad day for careful family planning and examination of legal and control issues within it.  This may also be a day when issues around these topics just come up, especially in regards to Mothers and Children; if this happens, the best response is careful examination and a cool use of your head before “passing judgment” on you daughter’s choice or Prom dress or  your Partner’s request for a separate vacation this year.

Examine everything carefully, take you time and choose wisely less the “final ending” card come down too harshly, but don’t be afraid to make some decisions that involve control either.  The “partnership” of Mothers and Children (especially small children) is simply going to be unequal (and for good reasons) until the child is old enough to have the restraints removed.

The same is true for a pet or working animal that needs to be “yoked, collared or led about” for its own safety or sometimes to help the owner accomplish a task.  A good owner (like a good Mother) also rewards good behavior when their charges do well.

So, over-all a time period for some decisions, but also working together, especially in the context of home and family.

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