Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – June 14-16, 2013

Fool Union Never Manaaz2

Well this weekend’s reading really does pretty much sum up the entire week of readings, and as always I have shuffled the deck very well and yet similar cards are coming up in both the regular and audio readings this time.

For Current Events, there is a very obvious message in this reading, although the actual People(s)/Tribes/Nations/Corporations/Unions etc are not as easy to flag.

That reading is:

The Fool (starting over/foolish) Union/Partnership is Never going to something (probably turn out as intended).

First we have The Fool Card (again) and as described earlier this week, this card most of the time means something or someone new, starting a new journey or an innocent person (Holy Fool) but sometimes it can mean someone who ether is a fool, is being a fool and/or is making a foolish decision/start/journey.

Already this week I had the feeling that somewhat unusually, the Foolish Decision/Journey/Decision aspect of the Fool was in play this week and now it is combined with Union (relationships/partnerships/nations with Union or United currently or formerly in their name/corporations/actual labor unions etc) and Never (as in Quoth the Raven Never More).

The Never card usually means either that something is never going to happen, will take so long it seems like it will never happen, will “never” happen in the way intended or sometimes the Raven is the Messenger.  The Norse God Odin was believed to have two ravens: Hugin and Mugin  who flew to and fro about the Earth bringing messages back to Odin on the State of the World.

In Current Events readings, there is often a shadow of this and of the possibility of “miss” communications being part of the issue or the reason why things “never” work out as planned.  Or, perhaps communications itself in light of the giant NSA scandal but more on that in a moment.

Finally, the Manaaz Rune, the same one as yesterday, which yesterday combined with Libido and today with the Union (also the lovers card in this deck) and the Fool to also represent Union/Partnerships/Human alliances.

So we have pretty much a Foolish Human (aka Man-made/Created) Union/Partnership that either Never happens (or perhaps Never works out right/is a Negative Force) and may also create confusion and miss-communication both inside itself and its interaction with others.

What is The Fool and What is the Union/Partnership are the two main questions we don’t really have answers for, at least not yet.

As often happens, there is probably more than one situation/union/partnership that is being affected by this negative/foolish energy but because theme has been on-going on week, I suspect there are one or two situations that are really going to stand out within the next few days if they do not already.

Some possibilities to consider is the “Union” of “Negative Communications” being revealed by the ongoing NSA/Government/Corporate spying networks.  This may be a Foolish Union that Never really works out as planned and is rife with Miss-Communication (or even Missed-Communications).

Then there is the attempt at “Partnerships” at the G-8 Conference upcoming next week and the growing problems with the some of the “Partners” especially the US and Russia.

The attempted “Partnership” to “deal” with Syria, which doesn’t seem to be making much progress is another piece of what may be all one big pizza pie.

There are probably other smaller (or yet to be so obvious) “Foolish Unions” going on – don’t be surprised by media stories of silly romances among the famous, foolish romantic plots for movies/media, plans for products that don’t quite make it off the ground (or somehow don’t work as planned) etc.

For individuals, this is a good time to reflect on any relationships, people might have formed during yesterday’s heavy Libido/Partnerships driving energy.

Now all such “Unions” are going to be “Foolish” some will simply be new and a good time to “Start Over” but others may be more sexual attraction than true and lasting union; or perhaps the powerful sexual attraction may be making serious communication difficult among the partners.

Because of the Manaaz rune both days, I’m also pretty certain that not only sexual partnerships made in haste may fall victim to this communication problem; but also those treaties/alliances/partnerships that are outside of the romantic spear but formed quickly especially in the heat of creative passions or other powerful melding of the minds (that the Life Force Aspect of the Libido card also tends to control).

So this is a good weekend to smooth over and make sure that any sort of recently contracted partnerships, of whatever sort; have everyone involved on the same page, the same track and with the same understanding as to what they are, where they have been and just where they are going.  The energy for confusion will be high, but patience and peaceful reviews and discussions should help sort that out, so the alliance can either be gently broken or taking onward toward the next level.

Otherwise, have a good weekend and I’ll see everyone back on Monday!


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