Card of the Day – Thursday – June 13, 2013


Well if this isn’t a sexy reading, I don’t know what is LOL! I was delayed getting to today’s blog reading by various interruptions today, but didn’t want to go a whole 24 hours without checking in on the energies and now I’m really glad I did.

The short version of this energy is: Sexuality/Life Force and Partnerships

Now to break this down, the Libido card is about sex of course, but also the drive for life, creativity and what brings color to our lives.

The Manaaz Rune is about partnerships, but not usually romantic ones (though they can be) – the ancient rune-poem says “Man is the Joy of Man,” a rather interesting rune to come up, just two days after Tuesday’s Fool/Prison/Wunjo rune combination.   That’s because if you look closely you will notice that the Manaaz rune (Partnerships) is made up of two Wunjo (Joy/Joy in Battle/Joy in Family) runes put together.

I think we are continuing to see an already noticeable shift in energies away from a direct focus on the Cosmic (Stars/Weather/Earth Changes) to geopolitical and personal events.  That does not mean all serious “natural” events have stopped, it simply means that for the next 24 hours or so, the man-created issues are likely to be more in the news and the headlines.

For individuals, this combination is pretty direct and straight forward: A good time period for love, relationships, partnerships (both romantic and creative) just beware of distraction (the peacocks on the card so busy displaying they don’t see the snake in the grass) or partnerships that are unwise or contentious.

Especially when it comes to sex and partnerships, a big scandal in the press would not be a surprise (including but perhaps going beyond the US State Department’s fiasco in that area); don’t let you personal life be exposed to this sort of drama if you can avoid it.

The over-all picture is a bit more complex – because this could be pointing at so many things going on, it is almost hard to know where to start.

First we have the Supreme Court decision today that forbids the patoning of personal genes, that was something sought by various medical “partnerships” in an attempt to control both natural and manipulated human genetics – so that is probably one thing being touched on (even though it happened before I did the reading).

Then we have the usual public stories of famous people divorcing, marrying, making babies etc; again mildly interesting and we may see a bit more of this but probably not the major issue under consideration.

Now partnerships/agreements/treaties about things that involve sexuality, life-force, genetics (including GM foods) etc they may be coming into the spotlight and would fit the cards very well.

So would the continued exposure of all the “partnerships” involved in the growing understanding of the huge National Security State (really more than one state/country) involve in the whole data mining scandal which just seems to keep growing by the day.

Here and in other news, I think the distraction from the real danger is at play here, with perhaps news outlets in “partnership” with various agencies to try to push the publics attention away from the main or most important stories?  Again it is difficult right not to know exactly what the current most important story really is, as the entire mess over personal monitoring in the media could even itself be used to distract from other things.

If it is, my first guess would be some really horrible or worrying news coming out about human fertility, Fukushima or other human sexual/reproductive/genetic or even food issues being covered up.  I mention food because of yesterday’s Harvest/Jera rune which while it probably was partly flagging the “harvest of data,” also felt like it was partly the issue of “regular harvests” being affected in some way to.

This is also where the Weather and “Natural Disaster” issues don’t totally go away as they do affect the harvest, although again the card and rune today suggest that some of them may have a human cause (which could be as simple as not removing dried wood before the fire season, it doesn’t have to be one of malice) but it does feel like some “partnerships” may be involved here too.  But it could be months before we know how many of the problems are truly Mother Nature and how many had a little “help” (accidental or deliberate) from humans.

So a time period when a wide variety of partnerships/treaties/alliances etc; good, bad and in-between are likely to be affecting the news and the private lives of people.

With all the exposure energies out there until recently (secrets revealed/Moon card etc) this is probably not a good time to engage in anything that is ethically or legally on shaky ground.  Love freely, openly and honestly and you should be moving in the “energy flow” today – engage in deception, distraction or combative behavior and you may still be “in the energy flow,” but you are unlikely to enjoy the “partnerships” that result (at least not in the longer term).

Tomorrow should be interesting when we pull more cards and sum up the week so far.



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