Card of the Day – Wednesday – June 12, 2013

Tower Jera2

Today’s Card is The Castle Tower (Strong Defenses/Powerful Fortress) and the rune-stave is Jera (Harvests/Turning Points/Seasons).

This is a very interesting (and somewhat new) energy combination that combined with the last two days readings themes of “Birth/Money” on Monday and New Start (or Foolish Start?)/Prison/Joy on Tuesday – we have a rather strange pattern emerging that may be focusing on both monetary cycles and actual harvests. 

Either the “harvests” of what previous actions are now reaping (in terms of policies and decisions of the past now bringing forth their conclusions) and in terms of real-time food and energy “harvests” – commodities like wheat, corn, soy, potatoes, rice, and other main stay crops that people depend on.

I think that this is another one of those complicated days, we seem to be having a lot of them this week, but then Mercury is in Retrograde and my astrologer friends assure me that in astrological terms, this time is a bit crazier even than the usual retrograde periods (something to do with Pluto squaring Uranus best to check out a good astrology blog on that one, but I will continue to post observations that others who have studied the subject pass on to me). 

Because the Tower can be a number of things, unlike a standard Tarot Deck, the Castle Tower is NOT the Destruction card (there is another card for that in the Psy Card Deck) instead it is the idea of the walled fortress, a safe and protected place, but one that can all be totally cut off by the outside world.  It is exactly the sort of card you want to see if you are feeling yourself in danger, but not the card you want to see if you are trying to form a close relationship with someone.

The Jera Rune-stave is most commonly associated with actual harvests and/or the basic agricultural year of Summer/Winter (or Planting/Harvest).  It is also a symbol of the turning of cycles, so is somewhat like the “Wheel” card in the Psy Card Deck.  While agricultural cycles are one way this rune expresses itself, it can also indicate the cycles of just about anything from history to an individual’s life long journey. 

There is more than a hint that “The Fortress” (whatever or whomever that may be” may be about to experience such a cycle or perhaps reversal of previous set of circumstances.

There is probably more than one Individual/People/Tribe/Nation affected by this cycle change/harvest energy(s) but again my thoughts are turning to North America where this past weekend’s revelations are at the very least causing a lot of disturbance in geopolitics and the weird weather has caused a lot of issues with actual harvests (the agricultural year) leading to shortages and problems in some areas.

Where I live in Ireland, the Castle has certainly been affected on the agricultural level with crops being over eight weeks behind due to severe cold and wet weather, followed by a record-breaking spell of dry heat that provided no water for the young plants finally coming up from the ground.  So while the Harvest Cycle is finally changing from Winter to Summer (two months late) the Harvest itself is also in danger of failing (at least locally, these days thank goodness a lot of food can be imported, but throughout most of history such a failure would result in starvation and death for many people and still could prove dicey if too much of the world has a similar problem all at once).

So, these energies of money issues, false starts, traps, prisons (a castle can turn into a prison if it comes under siege from an invading army), castles, security and harvests are likely to play out in variety of ways.

A positive image is one of “securing the harvest” which individuals can use to focus this rather mix energy towards in a helpful manner.  This is also a time to be aware of cycles and changes in your life and concentrate on building good protections for yourself and those you love.  These protections and securities can be physical (new locks on the door, good financial planning) mental (such as learning useful skills) or spiritual (a great time for psychic warding, protection exercises etc).

On the personal level also a great day for any sort of activity that helps “bring and store the harvest,” from actual gardening or canning (food preservation) to “feeding the mind” with useful and helpful studies and/or useful work that helps build up your personal “Castle.” 

That includes things like earning a paycheck or finishing exams, realizing that this is also a time of cycles so changes (some of them unexpected) may occur (turn) quite suddenly both positively and negatively. 

Again, by having a strong castle (home/mind/spiritual life) you build defenses for yourself in case these cycles do take a sudden turn.

The real downside of the Castle Card is the tendency to block out and build walls against other people, so relationships should be guarded and protected today as well, resist the urge to block out (or wall off) those who love and truly care for you.  Instead, open and let them inside your protective walls and the harvest will have more hands to gather in what is needed if the cycle’s change.


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