Card of the Day – Tuesday – June 11, 2013

Fool PrisonWujo2

Two cards jumped out together today – the cards were stuck together and in order so I am reading both of them equally, I also decided to pull one rune to see what other information it might bring to the reading.

The Fool Card (New Beginnings/Starting Over/Foolish Action) and the Prison Card (Prison/Trapped in a Situation/punishment) make for a very interesting combination.

They can be most easily read one of two ways:

“Starting something over is likely to be a trap and/or a prison”

“The Fool goes to Jail”

There are a number of variations on this theme such as The New Journey will end in a trap, prison or not going anywhere.  The New Idea is a trap etc..but everyone reading should be able to get the general ideas.

Most of the time, the Fool Card is an innocent young man starting off on life’s journey all fresh eyed and so busy listening to his own music that he can’t see the possible dangers ahead.  Once in a while, the Fool Card also represents someone being foolish, distracted or taking a foolish turn.

I sense a bit of both here, and while I hope this is not the case; if the cards are still focusing on Edward Snowden and his explosive revelations this past weekend; his future may not be looking to bright (or at least there is a potential there for jail or perhaps limbo in some embassy building, somewhere). The innocence of The Fool (walking in where angels fear to tread) is very strong here; there also hints of foolish actions as well.

The Wujno or Joy Rune, can be Joy but also “Joy in Battle” or the “Clan/ancestors” banner.

This rune-stave suggests that this reading is probably not entirely about the young man in question (although I’m sure his possible capture and or entrapment might bring joy to some) but rather hints at another possible situation where an individual/People/Tribe/Nation or even big corporation/government body walks blissfully forward in what they think is a bright new path ignoring all dangers and ending up trapped by their own actions.

This is likely to bring both Joy to some who are watching (enemies in particular) and also perhaps battles (real or diplomatic/symbolic) that come as a result of the situation.

Yesterday’s Money Card that combined with the Berkano Rune (Birth/Yew Tree) almost makes one wonder if “the Fool” is some new attempt at controlling, producing or manipulating money/currencies/stocks/etc one that leads someone(s) directly into jail or perhaps traps them in their own devices?

Again such a “new course” in monetary or economic policies, might bring joy for a time, before they resulted in a stuck or trapped situation.  There are also hints here of people thinking they are in control but actually being used (both in this part of the reading and perhaps that of the NSA scandal as well).

Meanwhile, some of this may not be economic or even personally directed at Mr. Snowden at all – but flagging a not quite yet understood new situation, journey or situation that is just getting going, but isn’t likely to get very far before it bogs down.

For individuals, this may be the strongest message of the day, while everyone can choose to look upon joy and some of the brighter aspects of The Fool (eagerness, simplicity, new purposes etc) the over-all reading suggests that this is NOT such a good time to start new projects or go out on a limb in any situation where it can be avoided.  Such an action may seem to be joyful and a good idea at the start, but is very likely to end up becoming a trap later on (or at least not result in any progress).

Instead, this is a time period better suited to sticking with what you know and reserving new starts to making plans rather than specific actions.  Tomorrow or later in the week, the energy to move forward may change but for now such actions are more likely to end in false starts, rather than the desired results.  So, not a really bad day if you resist the temptation to start new things, but one where quiet joy is more likely to be found in the familiar and tested rather than in new or sudden changes.

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