Card of the Day – Monday – June 10, 2013

Money Berkano2

Today’s Card is Money and the rune-stave is Berkano (Birth/Mother/Mother Goddess/Breasts) and for individuals this could make for a really exciting and highly improved week.

Therefore I’m going to reverse my usual dose of Current Events bad news first and give out the over-all good news that individuals and readers can latch on to and hopefully make some headway for themselves and their family.

The over-all topic for this week appears to be money and with the birth/Mother Goddess card right next to it, for individuals I sense a time period when money may suddenly be a bit more forthcoming than it has been.  Of course everyone’s circumstances will be different, but if you’ve been having a bad time of it, things are likely to start flowing in at least a slightly more positive direction; and they may start pointing in a totally new one (such as a new job, increased income, small inheritance or even a check directly from Mom or Dad..).

For those nearly locked out of the Money Economy, the “Money” may come more in terms of the fruits of your labors with a good garden harvest or trade with a neighbor; there are hints of the “two breasts” of the Mother Goddess in the Berkano rune, so the idea of life-sustaining help is very much a part of this reading.

Even if some of your money news is still negative this week, you can concentrate on the birth aspects of Berkano in hopes of getting things off to a better starting position as soon as possible, the energy this week wants to flow into the more helpful forms of money – so to try to improve your situation is very much going with the energy tides today (and this week) rather than against it.

Now, Current Events wise, things may not quite be so pretty (and be forewarned that some of this may be destined to effect certain individuals as well) – the Money Card signals that we may now be moving into an energy period where this weekend’s explosive and potentially destructive forces (unleashed by the Stranger, probably the NSA/Prism whistle-blower) start to affect the economics/currencies/money/old money (including Birthed/inherited money) is some profound and potentially undermining ways. See Friday’s Weekend Reading for the background prediction on this.

I suspect that other factors rather than just the Black Swan Feathers just thrown by Edward Snowden may be at work here; but it is interesting that the Money/Economic energy has been rather quiet for a while, seemingly overshadowed by the by the Stars (look out below/cosmic) energies and those of Secrets Revealed. Among which this past weekend’s revelations are just the most recent, if perhaps the most damaging manifestation.  They are especially damaging if you are a member of an organization, government or even family that wished to keep this news hidden away forever from the public.

The story about the Swiss Banker being subverted into giving away Swiss banking secrets and ending centuries of  hidden bank practices is likely to have set up a back-lash effect on money/currencies/trading/etc in many places. It is also likely to cause a good deal of destabilization  among previously secure and trusted trading partners and allied countries.  Many of these countries are now questioning their connections with the US and other agencies as well as corporations that may have been involved in these secret data mining operations, some of them some really Big Money players in the world economy.

So in that sense I think you get the concept of the “Birth” of a “new situation(s)” when it comes to money,  and a lot of those new situations may be very confusing, difficult and surprising .

There are also hints again of the “font of Mother’s Milk” perhaps the easy way money has simply “flowed” from the printing presses for the last few years; that fountain maybe drying up or at least slowed by this current situation; notice also that the Berkano rune can also look like two mountains or even volcanoes if turned about a bit.  I think there are still a lot of explosive and mountain-shaking news yet to come out and when it does, again at the root of everything it will be affecting money/economies (and after that governments/politics/corporations and has the potential to spawn wars or other conflicts).

I don’t think we are totally done with the Earth Changes/cosmic stuff totally either – though this week they may be as much reflected in the economic costs and damages already incurred (and being incurred) by Individuals/Peoples/Tribes/Nations from their impact, as much as the actual cosmic/natural/solar/earth/moon/sun/sky based disruptions or even disasters.

But again, for individual people and families, a likely better week money wise than it has been before; especially for those not directly affected by the moving and shaking of the giant corporations or huge government/money cartels that have tended to operate in a very different world from most of us.

The rest of the week should be an interesting ride indeed, stay tuned for updates!


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