Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – June 7-9, 2013

Well, life got a bit in the way yesterday (as often happens after a long trip) so today’s weekend reading will feature four cards – this is also because all four of these cards “jumped out” stuck together from the deck.  This can happen when card actually drop from the deck while shuffling or (in this case) you try to pull one card and a number come into your hand instead.  Four cards is an unusually high number, but this time it was even obvious what their order was.  The are a rather complex reading, so let’s get started, I  will add a rune or two at the bottom if needed.

Libido Stranger Cave Destruction

OK so we have The Libido (sexuality/life force) The Stranger (new person/element/situation/influence) The Cave (withdrawal/depression) and Destruction (something is destroyed/ended).

Kind of a weird and spooky reading for the weekend (and often a few days beyond) and since it is so spooky, we’re going to add a rune or two to see if we can get any idea of the other forces that may be at play here:

Othala2 Elhaz

These runes were also “stuck” together in my hand, the order was less obvious but it seems that Othala (Homeland/inheritance) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength) followed it.

Now how to we put all these things together?

From an international/current events point of view they are rather worrying (though not so much for individuals, we’ll get to that in a moment).

The Libido card is usually sexuality/life force/fertility and is the exact opposite of the Cave Card.  The Libido card is what gives “color” to life, that color includes vitality, drive, creativity and even temptation (the snake) and ritual combat/display behavior.  This past weekend in California, I saw two peacocks in exactly the same position as on this card at an animal park, they were displaying and strutting about for a lady pee hen, whose favor each wish to obtain.

When you put this on a Current Events level, this goes beyond just teenage boys showing off for potential partners but can morph into Peoples/Tribes/Nations displaying or even fighting over resources (or perceived resources) sometimes ignoring a great danger that is right in front of them (the snake) because they are too distracted with each other.  This is the sort of energy that may be going on here, but it is a bit hard to tell yet – it is also possible that the older energy pattern of “threats to human fertility” may be coming back into the fray, but we won’t know for sure yet until we get a few more readings under our belt.

The Stranger card suggests a new person, element or situation coming into the picture; one that no one expects because until now they have been hidden behind the door.  Even if their face is known (say a person or a country) their actions or effect on the current situation will not be, hence they are “strange” or “The Stranger.”

Whatever they are, their impact may cause the Libido (life force/creativity especially) to go into hiding (sexuality might go into hiding too, but I suspect that is more of a side effect of people being very upset, and trust me after what I saw after the San Francisco Earthquake, it takes more than a big tremor to deflect the human drive towards reproduction!)

So, more likely this is a case of some very bad, scary or unhappy news; perhaps something that even sends people literally “into hiding.”  More bad weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, earthquake etc would certainly do this; as would man-caused situations like wars, missals, bombs etc.  With the hints of fertility issues, there is some possible link to either  nuclear accident or warfare, more bad news from Fukushima would not be surprising this week, especially on how it is affecting either Japan or North America (more on that later).

Finally in the Cards we have Destruction, which again is not exactly comforting coming after the cave card.  It suggests that the combination of the Libido and the Stranger, create both a time of depression and destruction.  This could also be economic, perhaps the end of a “run” in the economy that some “strange” new issue finally causes it to partly collapse and/or a similar thing happening in the world of geopolitics (or even the weather).

I don’t mean to have such a wide range of possible doom on such a lovely June day, but the cards are just hard to read in a positive away at least as a group.  On their own both libido and the Stranger can be highly positive; an intentional personal withdrawal to recover personal energy or the creative destruction of unwanted elements in your life can be positive too.  But as an over-all, current events card reading they suggest a good weekend to concentrate on things close to home and safe.

The Runes also point in this direction with Othala (Homeland/Inheritance/Home) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength).  These runes do suggest possible threats to “the homeland” or “protection/strength” but at the same time they also suggestion that “protection” is to be found in the “Home/Homeland/Inheritance.”

Even if you must travel this weekend (vacation season in the North and all) focusing your personal energies on your family and close friends is probably the best way forward, while staying aware of events around you that might affect you directly.

I think we may be seeing a dimming of the “out-ward” energy focus we had last week towards a more “inward” energy focus; but an inward journey partly inspired or directed by the powerful and clashing forces in the greater world. 

There is protection in Elhaz, which is also sometimes associated with prayer (the human figure with raised arms) or assistance from the Divine/Other-world.  So there is a great deal of comfort in just that rune alone and while Othala does suggests there could be “threats” or “destruction” to some homes/homeland; paired with Elhaz it also suggests the home/homeland as a place of protection and refuge (as does the Cave card).

While I briefly mentioned the personal stuff, to re-cap for individuals this doesn’t have to be a dire reading at all, we have the elements for creativity, new situations/relationships, meditation, creative destruction (pulling weeds both physical and spiritual), delight in the home/family and protection (both personal and public). 

A really good week for personal prayer and meditation as well as creative art work and/or scraping projects that are not working (creative destruction) and starting over (the Stranger) after some thought (the Cave).

But while the threat’s may no longer be specifically from “The Stars” (aka look out below) they are still lurking around out there and distraction (the ritual combat dance of the peacocks) is likely to mask some of the coming (new?) Destruction that could be lurking about the cave/home/homeland.

So, stay close to home (spiritually and mentally, if not physically) but keep your eyes open for what could be out there, don’t allow yourself to be distracted or hidden too far down in your cave to react in time if  you need to.

Hopefully we will all have a better picture by Monday of what all this is about and/or the energies may start changing to a more understandable and obvious pathway.


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