Card of the Day – Wednesday – June 5, 2013

Liar Birth

Two cards today – still unpacking from that trip to California and I well I know my runes are in that suitcase somewhere, I thought it best just to go ahead and use two cards today rather than put off reading until another run of unpacking starts up again.

The cards today (and in a sense the rest of the week, since we didn’t read on Monday) are The Liar and Birth – both are powerful images and taken together suggest that something is either false or misrepresented about something that is either new (or at least seems to be starting a new phase).

Remember the Liar can be intentional lies (or distractions) but also unintentional distractions or misinformation.  The person spreading the “lie” may be totally unaware that they are doing so, perhaps being either misinformed or used themselves, but that doesn’t stop the lie from being dangerous, in fact sometimes the unintended lie is worse.

For some reason I’m getting this sort of “used” feeling when it comes to this particular situation, even though I am not totally certain what the situation being lied about is.

The main thing I can tell about it from the cards is that it is “new” or seems to be in the process of starting (birth) and that something about this “birth” is not as it seems or not as it is presented.

The situation in Turkey (with the protests) do come to mind, but I am not certain that is the only situation the cards are flagging.  Of course this energy is likely to affect a lot of things from the silly “a new look” in fashion for example (that is probably an old look rehashed in new materials) to the very serious – a “new” medical or scientific advance that turns out to not actually work out as predicted (GMO seeds come to mind here, especially the “new” wheat being “born” as a crop this Summer).

So, I’d be looking for the rest of the week for signs of things that appear to be new, exciting, interesting or in-process that don’t “feel” quite right (because the may not be right) or don’t “seem” to be exactly as they appear on the surface.

There is a sort of maze of falsehoods and deception going on right now  – in fact this combination could even be read as:

The Birth of Deception (or Lies)

So this is not a good week to buy a used car and/or anything that isn’t perfectly known and above-board.  That said, this is a week when tricky people may be highly successful when it comes to misleading and misdirection  of people towards doing things they might otherwise be cautious about.  Avoid these sorts of personalities when you can and if you can’t, say it is a boss or family member, don’t let them push you over the edge; instead wait to make decisions on serious matters until next week if possible, when hopefully this energy will have faded into the background where it belongs.

The Birth card on its own is very positive and can be used as a focus by individuals to try to undermine the negativity of the Liar card.  Concentrating on “birthing” (bring into being) projects and situations that we KNOW to be positive, helpful, well-motivated etc can to a degree help dissipate the Liar’s unfortunate influences.  Just be careful to have though through all your motives before doing so, to avoid being caught up in an unintentional misunderstanding yourself. 

Not a good week for signing contracts and if forced to make sure to read the document very carefully and if possible get good legal advice if a major property or purchase is involved. 

On the other hand a very good time to carry on with intentions and projects that are already known to be of high quality and usefulness but again a time to avoid sudden changes or “re-workings,” this is not a good week for “new” anything – better to ask for a period of “review” before taking on major changes, again the energies may even be better by the weekend, but right now they are quite muddy and tangled. 

Thankfully, this reading really only projects out to three, maybe five days at most; unlike the usual Monday reading that goes for about seven.  That’s good news in a situation like this because we are unlikely to have this really negative image of “false starts/deceptive births” for more than a few days, perhaps as short a time as 24 hours.

All going well I should be taking another peek at how things are going out into tomorrow and Friday, which should provide a bit more direction for the coming weekend.

For now, just keep chugging along with the “tried and true” things/situations/projects that you know to be honest and working; while trying to avoid “new” plans, projects or even relationships that you are not sure about. 

A final note on relationships, this energy is likely to affect romantic and family life as well as business deals or faked stories in the Main Stream Media; so be very certain about situations before acting on them.  Make sure you have ALL the information needed before making an important decision, check with you doctor after the drug store pregnancy test or another person you trust before accepting gossip about someone important in your life at face value. 

This is not a good week for confrontations with those we love (or wish to love) but it is a good time for simply stepping back and being gentle with each other. 

More tomorrow, hopefully with runes this time!