Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 24-26, 2013

Scales BirthLibidoNowKenaz2

This weekend we have four cards to consider because the last two cards came out of the deck very stuck together and so I decide to read them both.

The four cards and rune form a sort of picture-puzzle which again fits with our over-all energy for the week’s audio reading that can down load and listen to if you have not already by clicking here.

First the four cards: The Scales, Birth, Libido and Now suggest that right now (or within the next short time period) a large decision, tipping point, or judgment is about to happen that will greatly concern the birth (or actual births) or perhaps even bring about “the birth” of something that affects human sexuality, sex-drive, creativity, artistry and/or conflicts, battles of display and even distraction.

The Birth and the Libido card in particular are the objects that the Scales/Judgment/Tipping/Decision are NOW concerned with – it is hard to tell exactly which aspect is under threat/judgment or change because there are so many of them but the birth/libido together do hint strongly at both human reproduction and procreation itself.

But we can’t ignore the display/combat/danger/distraction aspects of the card either nor its associations with creativity and life force in general.  The Birth card while often signaling actual births, also can be flagging something new coming into being or even a new (for now) energy coming to the forefront.

But my gut tells me at least part of this reading on a current events scale is about babies and sex being affected in some way, along with the perhaps a birth (or even explosion, more on that later) of creativity in some areas.

I’m also getting somewhat murkier and darker hint of the combat/display/distraction energy that is being judged/tipped as well – with the readings of the past week, about patterns coming into focus it may now be the time that distractions and illusions are losing some of their choke-hold and the population and that the birth of new insights and understanding of just what is going on is starting to take hold.

The Kenaz rune lends yet another bit of interesting energy to the weekend and may push some situations (being born) over-the-edge either into actual violence or eruptions of other sorts.  Mother Earth, given this past week’s readings and the Stars (including the Sun) are not exempted either – as Kenaz, the rune of the “boil” or the Torch can be either the fire of illumination or the infection that bursts out into in the air when touched.

I often thing of this rune as the volcano rune, and again give other readings this week, continued earthquakes as we saw energies for on Wednesday, and that then manifested last night and early this morning are likely to continue along with other interesting geological events.

The good news here is there are few energies directly in this set of cards for bad weather, which doesn’t mean their will not be any this weekend but simply they are not the primary focus of the cards, so less likely than the earlier in the week.

All in all, this is a high energy, high action, high-spirited time period – radically different from just a couple of week’s ago when everything was pointing towards drawing inward, staying at home and hiding in caves.  Now the cards and runes really present energies that not only face outward they are ready to totally blast outward in erupting cascades with or without anyone’s permission.

Again, the symbolic similarity to the act of human reproduction can not be ignored here, because while I don’t think that sex itself is the total direction the cards are pointing to; it does seem to be a chunk of it.

So look for stories today about sex, sexuality, birth, birthing, UVF treatments, human fertility, sperm counts, ritual combats, ancient humans (garden of Eden), evolution, volcanoes, earthquakes, fires, torches, disease and other “outbreaks”, and judgments, court cases, weights and measures, tipping points (both in the human and natural worlds).

In personal lives look for sudden cross overs into new situations, the judging (and over judging) of current and past relationships; the birth of new ideas, new relationships, new projects and creativity and a very strong sense of needing to get things done “NOW.”

There is also likely to be an intense drive to get to the bottom of things and an unfortunate tendency for everyone to “erupt” and fly off the handle a little too easily if things don’t go as planned (right now).

Parents of small children may notice a sudden increase in tantrums and sibling in-fighting; all of which would match today’s energy perfectly.

Also, like several other times recently this is a great time period for the actual creation of human beings, which could be an especially joyful task right now – even those couples and friends beyond child-bearing or without partners can partake in this energy by creating and birthing new projects, ideas, and art.

Just remember that Scales Cards is still hanging a bit over everything and so anything can (and possibly) will change quickly when you least expect it.

So get out and get active this weekend, but keep one eye open on how outside events are falling out as well.

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