Card of the Day – Thursday – May 23, 2013

Stars Gebo2

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Today’s Card is the Stars and the rune is Gebo (gift/wedding/partnership) and once again the energies still seem to be see-sawing back and forth as they try to flip over into a new direction.  We are now right back to the main focus of this week’s audio reading energy for the week – The Stars – which were then combined with the puzzle (as in we are not sure what form the Stars/Sun/Patterns will take) and now with Gebo – gift/partnership/alliance.

Now the Stars card is usually either about actual objects from space (including anything from stories about astronomy or important astrological alignments; to solar flares, bad weather or meteor strikes (as in the “Look Out Below” energy from last week going into the this past Monday’s reading.

But the other aspect of this card is the recognition of patterns, the coming together of individual items until they for an obvious pattern, in other words the solution to the “Puzzle” presented in the audio reading.

While I suspect today we may have some elements of the “Look out below” energy still hanging around, we may also be moving somewhat more towards a phase when the “gift of understanding” is being presented to us, both on an international (geopolitical) level and a personal one.

Gebo also suggests that various “marriages” or partnerships may be revealed or recognized and being linked when previously they were thought to be independent actors.  These may be positive or negative but I’m drawn to the increasingly tangled problems of the current US administration, related agencies and their various connects and contracts/partnerships which may have been obscured or concealed from the public.

This may also occur in other international and business locations, because the energy has been very strong and pretty constant for some time now, only starting to waver a bit in the past few days and this may be one of those back with a big push (or punch) before floating into the background for a while (or just roaring back for an encore, we’ll have to see the weekend’s cards tomorrow).

On the geological/weather/earth based front, yesterday saw Earth based as well as space based issues coming to the surface so look for events that may link Earth and Sky – hopefully not more bad weather but that is certainly possible, along with solar/lunar/stellar linked earth movements or situations that have an impact either directly on the Earth or cause people to once again want to go into hiding.

This time the hiding (per yesterday’s post script from husband The Rune Master) may be more positive in the sense of taking protection in order to rest/regenerate but it is still a covering/hiding energy none the less.

More solar flares are possible today – as are other “gifts” of the sun including great weather and joy in some places (though drought and problems in others).

On a personal level, this is a great day for the “gifts” of understanding, the “marriage” of ideas and the solution to problems and puzzles, especially puzzles and decisions that need to be made this week.

A good day for sorting our relationships, contracts, partnerships and to a lesser degree business deals, treaties, studying etc.

A fantastic time for starting a family or actually holding a wedding – the Gebo rune is often expressed as the equal energy of the sexual act leading to the creation of either babies or metaphorically in the form of art/music/ideas/creativity.

So the basic theme for the next 24 hours is:

The Gift/Partnership of the Stars or The Gift/Marriage of Patterns revealed…

(with a certain amount still of Look out Below so don’t put your head down quite yet …)