Card of the Day – Wednesday – May 22, 2013


Today’s Card is The Tree and the Rune Stave is Berkano (Birth/Breasts/Mother/Mother Goddess) and taken together I think we can now say for certain that we are seeing an energy shift, at least over the last several days.

We seem to be moving away from the cave/home/hid/hit/strike from above energy (hopefully that all got played out with last week’s solar flares and the last two days of tornadoes and bad weather) and even if it is still lurking around (energy takes awhile to totally change focus) it is no longer being highlighted daily in the cards.

Instead what we seem to have is a pretty positive energy day with the Tree symbolizing putting down roots, getting settled in, branching out into new areas, strength, the World Tree etc.

On an international/Current Events scales this could be viewed as:

Something is born/takes root in the world

Which of course could be good or could be bad or something in-between; with such a short reading we really can’t tell because that something “taking root” or “expanding its leaves” could be anything from a growing desire on the part of the public to find new ways of coping with limited resources, to a new virus getting socked in and “planted” that spreads about, perhaps targeting Mothers or newborn babies?

I don’t really think it is either of these options, just giving examples of the extremes in either direction that this new energy could be moving.

Berkano sometimes also symbolizes Mother Earth Herself – and combined with The Tree suggests that Earth Center as well as Geopolitical issues are likely to be important later in the week.

Since this energy is usually positive, we can hope for increasingly better (or more regular weather) whatever your region would normally need especially for planting and harvesting; however it could also simply mean a focus shift with Mom (or Birth) of something started to affect (or even shake) the roots of the World Tree itself.

If the second energy is really the way things are moving look for more “Earth Changes” or “Earth Expressions” from now and going into the weekend; stories of volcanoes (the peaks of Berkano/Mountains too), earthquakes, sand-storms, flooding, forest fires etc anything that Mother Nature can throw might let loose, however the Tree should remain standing and strong; these things may affect the tree but I do not sense they will topple it either.

Because the readings for the last two days were more people/politics centered I don’t think this entire week’s energy is all Nature/Earth centered events either, though today’s could be.

We may have to wait until tomorrow to see just where this new direction seems to be heading out as it goes into wandering phase, trying to find balance between the Earth/Tree (here or even healing below – Berkano has healing aspects as well) vs. Sky/Stars/Sun/Hail/Strike energies of the past few weeks.

But basically look for the shift from eyes on what falls (or could fall) from above to that which is here and growing/originating on the Earth/Earth Mother.

Also a period when female forces/leaders/politicians/science/mothers/babies/Goddess etc are likely to make the news (including the modern form of Goddess the A and B list famous people – especially in their role of Mothers).

A great time for gardens, plantings, visiting forests, working with wood, building, moving house, marriages (or establishing house-holds).

A really, really positive energy day over-all for most individuals, with the strength of The Tree and the Healing/Mothering aspects of Berkano providing energies that lead to the reaching of personal goals and perhaps even picking up the pieces from some of the nastier fragmentation and hard-hitting energies of the past several weeks.

Remember, no energy stays on top forever, sometimes the cycles take a while to move forward (and they always repeat and rhyme) but they do eventually push forward in new directions which seems to be happening now.

So this is looking every more like a time period for focus on the Earth/Below/Here and Now rather than the previous Sky/Upward/Striking/Hard-Hitting stuff.

Perhaps even a slightly gentler, softer time period at least for individuals, which might allow many of us take some time to hug a tree and catch our breath, goodness knows such a pause is sorely needed about now (one without the underlying urge to hide-out, but taking on the strength of the tree and the comfort of the Mother).

Update from The Rune Master:

Another important aspect of this runestave with this card, especially in regard to the energies of the past week, is that Berkano represents a progression of the Cave’s energies. Berkano is, in current times, linked with Frigg as Mother, but it is also, very strongly, linked with the realm and the goddess Hel. Hel should not ever be confused with the Christian place of punishment, even though the name of the underworldly realm was adopted in translation to the Germanic languages. It simply means “place of concealment”, and was seen as a safe place where a soul could be protected and nurtured until it was ready to return, as the god Baldr was protected there through Ragnarok so that he could come back when the worlds were remade.

So, following on the Cave, Berkano suggests a progression from “duck and cover” to “nurturing and growing in a safe hiding place, preparing for birth”.

Berkano is also a tree-stave: its name literally means “birch”. The Tree card and Berkano reinforce each other as signs of protection and growth. At Ragnarok, the couple Lif (life) and Lifthrasir (the stubborn will to live) hide themselves deep under the bark of the World-Tree; the fires scorch the outer bark, but they are protected – to come back, like Baldr, safe and full of new life in the reborn worlds.

My thoughts are that this indicates that it still might not be wise to stick your neck out, but it’s time to work on ongoing projects and personal development, no longer thinking of the fugitive hiding from something underground, but the embryo growing in the womb.


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