Card of the Day – Tuesday – May 21, 2013


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Today’s card is Work (spiritual/physical/mental) and the rune is Eiwaz (Yew Tree/Transformation/Death/Endings/Cycles).

Yesterday we saw the Friendship card and the Need rune capture the energies of pretty much how the US and the world have reacted to the tornadoes in Oklahoma and the Stars Card/Hagalaz/Puzzles/Strike energies certainly play themselves out there as well.  Hopefully this terrible tragedy is the full expression of this energy that has been building for several weeks, I am not certain this is all of it (neither is my husband The Rune Master) but I want to stay hopeful none the less.  Certainly is was “an” amazing expression of the energy if not “the” only materialization of it.

Thankfully the Friends in Need or Friends needing Friends energies will also be out there in abundance today as people reach out and help each other pick up their lives.

The work plus transformation/ending combination suggests a least a different energy focus is coming to the surface today.  Once again we seem to have return to mundane jobs/work/support issues although, of course, there will also be a terribly large amounts of work needed to recover both the living and the dead from the path of the sky-monster (Eiwaz again) and the need to deal with a transformed landscaped left it the wake of such a beast.

But I’m not seeing and either/or type of reading here rather and-this and also-this type of reading, with both the physical, mental and spiritual work needed to transform (and re-transform) the affected areas, as being one way the energy is expressed (and the Friends in Need) Also,  there is the mundane area of jobs and how we support ourselves that for many folks are going to be transformed and perhaps be forced, to look at in a new way.

Again, of course they are in parts of the tornado hit landscape but I think in other parts of the US and the world as well.  Work/Jobs/Employment etc is continuing both its death (not a good day for job numbers) and its transformation (what is mundane work, what is a job and how does it support a family?).

There are also aspects of spiritual and mental work being transformed, reshaped and renewed in this reading, though they are not necessarily as clear as the more current physical world issues that are causing problems for jobs/employment and even employers directly in the energy spotlight.

So this is likely to be a 24 to 48 hour period where in addition to the tornado news (and all the surrounding stories about work/workers/rescue-workers/jobs lost/production costs etc) I think there are likely to be other stories just below the radar that are about jobs/changes/employment patterns/changing/being reformed/refinanced/reflected upon/re-thought etc.

It is also highly possible that in some States, Washington DC and other World Capitols there will be some reevaluation of the role of benefits for those out of work and of the rights/obligations/expectations of both management and labor.

The Public Sector Worker’s Unions in conference with the Irish State Authorities is a perfect example of this sort of energy as both sides work to “transform” some job duties and “die” eliminate others.

For individuals a day when your regular job may hold some surprises (in either direction) also a good day for labor organizers or creative managers to overhaul things a bit.

A day also when lay-offs or other “endings” of jobs could occur, even the end of one project and the start of another an excellent day for events like that.

A day when even more than yesterday – Work – either paid or unpaid; voluntary or involuntary; Physical, Mental or Spiritual is at the forefront of things with the home and even friendships fading more into the background.

Now is the time to leave your home-base/cave and get out even beyond meeting with your pals and start thinking about getting back to work.

Over-all this is a positive sign because if this more active/outward energy trend continues it could mean that the worst of the “hide inside your home/cave and not come out” energy is waning or has least been pushed back for a time.  Either change would be positive contribution towards allowing most people to go forward and get on with other interests and activities in their lives.

So a cautiously positive reading at least on an individual level, as long as personal work does not suffer either from outside issues (like a lay off) or from jumping too quickly from a passive/hiding energy period to an active outward focused one.

Keep yourself in charge, go slowly but do move as the energies move and you should be fine. or at least less affected by the sudden jolts or stops,  that both the Work Card and/or Eiwaz can sometimes bring with them.

A good motto for this time period is:

You keep yourself focused on your “work,” even when those around you are caught up in the disruptions/transformations of the moment.