Card of the Day – Monday – May 20, 2013


*Note the link to the Weekly Audio Reading download will be posted on the Home Page of this website as soon a TMRN Radio Network has a chance to upload it, probably sometime today.

Today’s card is Friendship and the rune stave is Nauthiz (need/need-fire/desperation).

Now that’s a very interesting combination and suggests that on a Current Events level the Geopolitical aspects of the “Star” and “Puzzle” cards featured in this week’s projected audio reading may be taking center stage, at least for the next 24 hours.  We do continue to see more active physical manifestations of the Star/Sky/Look at Below energy in the forms of tornadoes (and bad storms), continued solar flares, more media news about near-Earth asteroids and even the International Space Station.

But today (and to a lesser degree this working-week) is likely to see some strong issues that involve Peoples/Tribes/Nations and today their focus is on Friendships/treaties/alliances etc or with the Nauthiz rune (Need fire/Desperate Need) their not-so-friendly relationships with each other.

This week is likely to be a time when some countries/corporations/organizations/agencies etc, are going to be in desperate need of some help from their friends and may or may not receive it.

While Friendship is a good card over-all, there is always the aspect of the fourth “friend” whose hand we see on the card and who may or may not be about to join the others at the table.

We don’t really know if this person is a friend or not, or even if they are if they will upset that careful balance formed by the alliance of the three friends who are already tightly seated at the table.

This is the sense I am getting off this card today on a Current-Events level, something or someone(s) may be about to upset the apple cart and something or someone(s) (probably not the trouble-maker) is likely to desperately need some help from one of the others.

I think this may be flagging a larger event on the horizon, something that could even be the first (or second) steps towards something very serious such as resignations, legal issues, conspiracy or even actual battles and warfare.

Whatever it is, it has the potential to destabilize an existing friendship or treaty network and great need (or possibly suffering) may result from this.

Also, I have to point out that my husband the rune-master associates the Nauthiz Rune with the spark of the nuclear explosions that happen naturally in stars but are directed by man for use in the creation of power generation as well as destructive weapons.

I’m not going to go so far as to say that this week, we are going to see a manifestation of any of these three forms of nuclear sparks in a destructive form but the energy is there (especially with the Star Card and the Puzzle) that might make such an event easier to take place (including a solar flare, nuclear accident or even nuclear weapons which surely would affect the “friendships” between various nations).

Lets hope the sticks rubbing together that form the ancient need-fire are not this sort of spark, or if it is, it is a helpful manifestation like progress in safer forms of nuclear energy production or radiation in medical treatment.

That said, I have a real feeling that even if we miss-out on the more drastic forms of need-fire, there is still a lot of potential for the alliances and blocks of various national entities to look rather different from the way they do right now – perhaps by the end of the week or because energies can take a while to settle, may be put in motion this week but then expressed over the next weeks or months.

This may be true in the world of business, finance, media and other areas as well – look for corporate mergers (or break-ups) banking centers to merge and shift, media outlets to reorganize etc…with a special eye to financial centers like London, New York, Singapore, Dubai etc. not sure why but feel they are all places to “watch” especially with the idea of friendship (or unfriendship) and need/desperation in mind.  This may or may not have something to do with gold/silver or other forms of cash/stocks/bonds etc, but I just feel something niggling there.

Meanwhile, for individuals we can translate this another way:

Friends need friends especially in needful or desperate times…

Yes, unlike the last two weeks where the energy was all pretty much focused on the home, the cave, hiding, taking care of those under your own roof; this week’s energy points towards the inclusion of friends (especially close friends) and your friendship network as a way to cope with emotional, physical and spiritual needs during the joys and trials of the week to come.

This week it is in those you trust and get along with who are going to be your best source of comfort and inspiration, so instead of just sticking inside your personal cave it is time to get out at least a bit and visit other caves and perhaps even central hearths (like the pub in the picture which UK and Irish readers will recognize as the “Corner Local”) where good friends can meet, share a “pint” to celebrate and perhaps even unload a bit on each other; but in general help hold each other up in all sorts of emotional and even physical ways.

The Nauthiz rune does suggest a week when a lot of people are going to be feeling rather stressed, desperation, needy and worried; but the recommended coping method this week is not just to stay home with a bowl of comfort food but to get out a bit and share some of it with your best friend.

So, while we have some very worrying aspects of this reading in terms of international relationships, for personal ones it looks like this is a week to stand on old friendships as well as make a few new ones.

So, a rather more out-ward/active focused week than the last two or three; still within a small circle (rather than racing around in the outer world) but at least expanded a bit from the personal hearth and home.

That’s today’s reading, if you would like a personal reading you can get information by clicking here!


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