Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 17-19, 2013

Union BirthPrisonPerdo2

*Note you can still listen to this week’s audio reading show by clicking here to download – a new show should be up Monday Evening/Tuesday morning for next week and weekend.

This is one of those readings that starts out wildly positive and then hits us with a twist and a re-run of yesterday’s fate/chaos rune, but at least this weekend we have some more flags as to what the subject of the possible threat, where as yesterday we just knew it was getting sticky enough to make as all stay home and hide in our caves.

Today the first two cards are the lovely Union card – two beautiful streams running together to form one, a loving cup, green grass, sunlight, it is in fact the lovers/marriage card in this deck.  It shows the coming together of two (or at least two) things/issues/people/events to become one.

As often happens in marriage, birth follows again a fantastic image and if I were doing a romance reading for a private client, these two cards on their own are exactly what you would want to see.

However in neither the private, nor the public reading do you want to see the Union-Birth combination followed by the Prison card!  Only the Destruction card would be worse, and sometimes Prison (entrapment) is worse than simple dissolution.

To have the Prison then followed by the Dice Cup or “Rune of Fate” (as my husband thinks of it) especially the second day in a row, is not a set of future trends for the faint of heart!

On the most basic current events level it suggests that

Unions (People/Tribe/Nations/Organization) with the idea of Union (or United) in their Name (exp United States, EU, Former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Union Carbide, The Teamsters Union etc) are in the process of birthing (giving birth/bringing into being)a situation that is/will become a Prison/entrapment/chained and these events are already rolling in motion (and/or) fated to occur at this point  (the dice are already rolling in their intended direction and are essentially unstoppable at least for now).

My hunch is that this energy is being played out on two levels, on the one hand it seems to be flagging one or two particularly spectacular examples of this energy especially in the geopolitical situations on going in the three major “Unions” of the current world circus: The UNITED States, The European UNION, and Putin’s FORMER not-Quite Soviet UNION.

But right now I think the US side-show is the one really being featured at least by the media, though which one is really the strong target of the Prison energy remains to be seen when the dust settles a bit.

However, on the other level I think this energy has plenty of “umph” to spread it all around and make things a bit touchy for everyone because all of us have unions and births in our lives, some positive and some negative.

Most that involve human beings, like our partners and children are often a mix of both; over all usually positive but on any given day perhaps your feelings may be mixed after a marital spat or a child’s bad hair day.

Because this reading is so starkly split with good cards first, negative cards last with a Loki (Trickster) Dicey twist at the end; I am going to suggest that this is a weekend to be careful with your personal relationships.

Be kind and understanding to those around you because after nearly an entire week of staying home (literally or just mentally) or huddled beside others in your cave; well people are just going to start to get on each others nerves.

The Place of Safety (both on a personal and Public/International) lovely can easily start to feel like (or even turn into) a Prison if you are not careful to allow for the feelings, needs and personal expressions of others.

The Dice Cup Rune is also likely to add a sense of fatalism to the over-all kind of “downer” energy of yesterday flowing into the weekend, something which can be fought back against if recognized but if not can just sort of morph everything into a sort of gray shade of blah; sort of like what prisoners serving long-term sentences encounter.

Instead, even if you have to stay close to home (again either physically or simply in a mental sense/spiritual sense) don’t allow it to become a prison but instead use the Union Card to celebrate what you like about those around you and the energy of the birth card to find new and creative things to do around the physical/spiritual home/homeland.

This is not going to be easy to do, but the other option is simply to slide into the prison/trapped energy that is likely to lead to snapping and unhappiness for you and those around you.

You can even use the lighter side of the Pethro/Dice Cup to view it in its role as game playing, gambling (for pieces of candy or pennies) in other words the traditional amusements of people under siege – board games (or their modern equivalents) books, movies, art, crafts, cooking etc; done either alone (to allow the other “inmates” of your cave some breathing space) or together as in a game of chess or computer whack-a-mole.

Again, not such a good weekend for extensive travel or vacations but if you are already doing this be sure to just pay attention to the rules (that Prison Card) and expect the unexpected (Dice Cup) and plan for a bit of extra time and patience while doing so.

Events at your actual destination may be fine, but the energy towards petty rules and surprises is just going to follow all of us to a degree for the next few days so be careful, cautious and aware.

To sum up – a mixed weekend for individuals with both very positive and very negative aspects (almost balanced out) but a weekend to watch international events especially in terms of entrapment, prisons, police, authoritarian moves, new-unions, actions of unions, birth of new prisons/traps and unexpected/fated situations that may cause an uproar in any/all of the above – or simply lets us all watch while things march forward in a seemingly unstoppable way while we retreat home to the cave and attempt to make it less of a prison and more of a HOME card.

That is this weekends reading, if you would like a personal reading with me you can contact me either here at the website by clicking on the Order Your Reading tab or by e-mailing me at and putting “Reading” in the subject line.

I will be out-of-town for the next few days but will get back in touch with you as soon as I can, meanwhile everyone take care and enjoy life on the spiritual, mental and physical home-fronts.

New Audio Reading show should be out on Monday all going well – You can down load this week’s show (which I think directly relates to this reading) by clicking here.

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