Card of the Day – Wednesday – May 15, 2013

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First in an update to Monday’s Reading, the news today is once again about some really huge solar flares hitting within the past 24 hours, again thankfully so far only some radio problems have been reported, and I gather the largest flare was not earth directed (though it did affect NASA instruments in some ways).  Let’s hope the “Star” and “Strike” energy continue to be expressed in relatively benign manner for the rest of time period!

Today’s Combination of The Home (Home, House, Homeland, Where you live, Spiritual Home etc) and Wunjo (Joy, Clan Banner, Battle Flag) suggest that today and going into tomorrow the energy is potentially very good, especially for individuals.

However, the point the card and rune is making today does seem to be more positive version of the energy we saw last week when the Cave Card seemed to dominate the week.

Instead of hiding in caves and escaping being what many people will wish to do (or even feel forced today) today’s energy is more like:

Home is Where Joy Is and/or Home is Where the Family/Clan Is

These two possible variations are both highly positive IF, people choose to stay close to home, focus on their homes and don’t do a lot of venturing out into the larger world.  I mean this in both a literal and spiritual sense, obviously people still have to go to work and perform tasks like shopping, but the cards and rune together indicate that for this part of the week at least the greatest joy and contentment will be in staying as close to the “home-stead” as possible.

There is one other way to read this and individuals (and Peoples/Tribes/Nations) should be careful not to allow this side of the energy to be expressed.

While Wunjo is usually translated Joy or The Clan Banner (family flag) for a Germanic Warrior or Viking there was also the concept of:

The Joy of Battle or the The Joy of Clan Warfare.

This is the side of the energy that most people would rather not see but often does come up when people are around each other a little too much, home a bit too much or forced together a bit too much – something that can happen quite easily in an economy where many adult parents and children are forced to live together or young families are crowded into too small a space for everyone to have real privacy.

I suspect, given the other previous readings, that this aspect of the energy may be one of the ways these combination is likely to play out in the Current Event’s world, especially in the US where the Peace/Security/Freedom/Liar images from the Audio weekly reading, really seem to be manifesting.

In times like these it is perfectly normal for people to seek joy in their own homes; because the joy of their public home (and Homeland) is being disrupted by a combination of false information and what amounts to “Clan warfare” (i.e. Republicans vs. Democrats, Liberals vs. Conservatives, The Press vs. the Administration, Congress vs. the Administration, etc., etc.,).

I see nothing wrong with taken today and probably part of tomorrow for focusing on the peaceful and joyful aspects of one’s own home and family and/or working to ensure they become or stay that way; while letting the outside world pretty much do as it will.

Again this was reflected in the last portion of the Current Events part of the Audio Reading and the reading here seems to amplify this especially for the middle of this rather trying week in terms of current events (especially for those in the US and those connected to it).

So, this is a great evening for another one of those home-cooked dinners, with everyone sitting around the table and having a good chat and a large piece of desert.  Just avoid controversial topics of any sort as much as you can, this is NOT a good day to discuss difficult problems that need complex solutions, rather it is a day for hot cups of tea, warm kitties (or doggies) and comfy sofas.

Another very inward focused energy day, although the Joy rune may play out in somewhat more active or exciting ways, preferably with good news rather than conflicts.

The reading was greatly delayed today because of personal things I had to take care of but hopefully I’ll be able to read much earlier tomorrow and we can see if this energy is still holding on or moving in another direction.

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